Now this is the Game that I was supporting in '04. Way before he was inking butterflies on his face and PMSing about not having a place in hip-hop, Jayceon Taylor had the 'hood on fire. And that “Murderous / my style is contagious / R. Kelly of rappers, I'll piss on all ages / good with a handgun, but I'm sick with all gauges” Game that had me California dreaming of a Wesssside renaissance, is what I got on this joint. Game pulled a drive-by on “I Dare You,” and "Ain't Say Nothing.” Now I'm actually a little interested to see how he gets down on LAX.

Too bad there were a few wack songs on here from Weezy that didn't make Tha Carter III. I mean, they didn't make that album for a reason, duh! Who in the streets wants to hear a song with Wayne feat. Tyga?!? The only reason niggas put up with Tyga's freestyles on Rap City in the first place was because it was like witnessing a Make-A-Wish moment every time, na'mean? Can't hate on someone for having their dream come true, though. No matter how weak they are. But anyway, there was some dope songs from Jae Millz (“Straight Cash Money”) and even Jay Rock (“Bending Corners”). But ultimately, too many weak joints from Wayne and a few scattered artists brought down what could've been an official 'hood banger.

Hottest Joint: "I Dare You"

Weakest Joint: "Put It On"