DJ Drama & Snoop Dogg: The City is in Good Hands

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DJ Drama & Snoop Dogg: The City is in Good Hands

I would hope that L.A. would be in good hands. What with Game crying about his non-place in hip-hop, Ice Cube and Mac 10’s connection now nothing more than sausage links, and Suge Knight getting laid out by a flamboyant barber. (SMH). But Snoop’s always been consistent with his gangsta lean, yet when he dropped that “Sensual” bullsh*t I was done with him. Leave it up to my man DJ Drama to help the self proclaimed “Super Crip” redeem himself.Taking it to the mixtape is a good sign that he hasn’t completely replaced his block hugging fan base with his Super Sweet 16 fan base. Spitting lines like “And now I’m fillin’ up with L’s / gotta keep a lawyer in case you niggas tell / Polly squeal. Nigga prolly will / Polly wanna cracker, nigga Polly wanna tell… I got homies that live on the Hill side and got killas that kill that live on the real side,” on “Look Around” is a good reminder that Snoop hasn’t completely been brain bleached by the mainstream.

But this joint ain’t all about Snoops resurgence to that gangsta sh*t. La The Darkman and Willie Da Kid got it in with they flows on the block banger “I Sit Back.” These brothers got some skills, it’s just a shame that they names sound a tad bit lame. Remember kids, a name can make or break ya.

On “ATL Theme Song” which was done by the DPGC (Huh?!) we’re treated to some good old early ’90s West Coast nostalgia. Snoop, Kurupt and Daz spit over a laid back funky beat that had that Dr. Dre feel to it.

And on “Ridaman” Snoop took another page out of Slick Rick’s book and painted a funny/educational picture over a cartoonish track. It was something new for him and very well executed.

But it wasn’t all piff and Sour-D. Aside from a few questionable beat selections (“After All,” sounded like a fake Neptunes beat. More like a Pluto production) and at times spit rhymes that were so simple it truly does make Lil Zane (not Wayne) seem like one of the greatest MC’s to ever hold a mic, a big problem laid in the quality of the sound. A lot of it sounded similar to my old DJ Clue mixtapes. Literally, the tapes themselves. Musted up and dull. I don’t know if that’s what Drama and Snoop intended, but it was as annoying as the racist undercurrent in Hancock.

Though my complaints are minor, I can’t completely fall to my knees and praise Snoop like a groupie who’d have no problem writing a book about the rappers she’s brained and dedicating it to her seed. Yes, the flow was as good as it’s ever been in the latter part of his career and he can definitely still deliver the rhymes, but let’s keep it 100—Snoop has admitted to letting other people write his rhymes for him. So while I’m loving this mixtape, a nagging question kept poppin’ into my head whenever he said something clever: I wonder if he wrote that? If he didn’t, Kam (L.A. Kam, not “Killa” Cam), you get the props. So until Bishop Lamont, Omar Cruz or Glasses Malone take the L.A reigns, hip-hop will happily rely on Snoop and Dre to keep the city of angels afloat.

Rating: HOOD

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  • yawn

    that mixtape was garbage…drama should fuck with some interesting artists like g.malone, mitchy slick or crooked i for a gangsta grillz ….snoop and friends are washed up

    • moe


    • Ru-So Records

      “Bet 144,000 thousand on it Suge’ll lay dat ass out toe to toe. Clean smoove. Now we ain’t promotors for Ironman Mike or nothing, but uh, collectively we over here at Ru-So Records believes “The Knight” was actually caught off guard, thats all we saying.” -Boogie The Don

  • magnum

    very good mixtape.cant wait for the next..

  • B Knife

    yo snoop is straight up gangsta rap but wznt feelin this so much

  • miami ghost

    FIRST!! (haha, always wanted to be a lame like the rest of you fruits and say that…idiots) Snoops garbage, his lyrics are simple and he’s washed up.

  • http://XXL O

    All I’m saying is that compared to that mainstream basura he dropped recently, this is a step up as far as hood sh*t. It wasn’t hot sh*t, but it was bumpable.


    ayo 1st off suge knight did get laid out by a chump ass nigeria and game do be crying way to much makin piru’s look bad yadiig….anyhow this author kept it a hunnit!!!!! i wanna be like him someday!

  • Tony Grand$

    First and fore-mufuckn-most, WEST COAST TIL MY VEINS DRY! 323 IN THE SHACK NIGGAS!
    Now back to reality….Uncle Snoopy is who he is. U lookin for the hottest rhymes out there, u aint gonna find the doggfather spittn them (unless his ghost writer’s If u feenin for that pure lyrical tongue lashin, be advised that cuzz aint got that either. If u lookin for just some music to smoke to or laff @ wit the niggas on the block, jackpot yall, s-n-double o-p is where its @. I love my nig (no homo,yes hetero) but its utterly impossible for dude to disappoint me one iota. He’s basically havin fun @ our expense and he don’t give a shit. He doin him, and I can’t be mad. Much to the chagrin of a lot of “hiphopheads”, Snoop Doggy Dogg is technically such an icon in our lil corner of the music world, that he already done and said bout as much as he can. A rap career only lasts so long, and that cat been round the block a gang of times. He’s solid, he made his name, and any song that aint horribly wack is basically a bonus. No matter what, uncle put his mack down and the dopest mc’s can’t really pick it up. Tell me who the fuck woodnt jump @ the chance to throw him on a track on they album. Funny thing is (admit it nigs) that u never really get tired of hearin him. U may not be listenin much but u don’t get tired of that laid back ass voice. Shit, hell prolly b rappin when he fifty yrs old on some Isaac Hayes type shit. He been here so long that he aint goin nowhere. Do it snoop, Fuck it, life is short. It is what it is. That’s my uncle! Angel City gang niggas!!!! See yall dudes @ tha beach!

  • Aight

    WC is dead & buried..who really making tha noise that side.EC aint popping.South all noise & no lyrics.Middlewest nah nah..Hip Hop is dead.


    COSIGN TONY GRAND$ (no homo) You never get tired of him. And I don’t look for him to spit like that anyways. When you smoke with people and wanna listen to music. You can never go wrong with Snoop or dre’s albums. Thats why I love hiphop. when I want lyrics, nas Jay z
    common talib kweli, G shit, listen to west coast. Hot beats? I fucks with the south until Detox. I even like soulja boy/ I’m 30. He’s not Nas or Ice T or GZA. His beats are hot though and my 7 year old loves him. And my son has no time to decipher lyrics. So soulja is right up his alley. The way these older cats hate on him is just like when rap took off in the 80′s. the older people then hated it instead of listening to it. I know I got off track, but the hate on these sites make me do it. I LOVE ALL RAPPERS WHO MAKE HOT SHIT. no homo

  • REAL TALK 08

    Ego Tripp’N fucked Snopp’s career up!…esp. dat country video he did..i guess he smoked some bad weed and thought he was Chingy…lol…not good look….anywayz,Snoop need to pass da mic,and retire!….pass dat

  • pete

    DPGC (huh?)… Dogg Pound Gangsta Clique dumbass… you couldn’t figure that out??? learn your gangsta history!

    • O

      Son! Don’t confuse me with these journalists that studied hip-hop from the burbs and decided to write about it cause it’s “fascinating”. I’m a 80′s baby, born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I lived every aspect of anything these rappers talk about. When i said “DPGC (Huh?) you should’ve paid attention to the whole sentence, jackass. How DPGC gonna make a song called ATL Anthem and they from LA, stupid? Do the knowledge.

  • Jazz Man

    First off…Snoop admitted to letting the homies write some of his lyrics, but at the same time you dumb asses are way out there if you think he can’t write for himself. If you listen to what he said out of his own mouth…HE IS LETTING OTHER MUTHERFUCKA”S EAT!!!! Not everyone sounds good on wax, dat, cassette, reel to reel or whatever you recording on nowadays. He did the same thing for dre and other cats back in the day!!! Secondly…If you not in the streets anymore(pause for a second)…HOW THE FUCK YOU GOING TO RAP ABOUT SHIT THAT IS UP TO DATE..YOU CAN’T!!! Now for those of you who are still in the hood that can’t get out of the hood…STACK YA PAPER AND MAKE SOME MOVES OUT THE HOOD!!! Then you will see once you get out of the hood you will go back to help, but you learn to move on to bigger and more money bringing in decisions!!!! Snoop is a legend, but don’t expect that real gutta dpgc, lbc, deathrow shit…That was for my G’s and This is for my hustla’s, this is for my hustla’s and not for the G’s(my own remix to the song for how he is now)…Oh by the way XXL step up on your news and stop waiting for others to post first!!!!

  • O

    I’m not mad at Snoop giving other people a chance to eat. I’m just saying, who should I give the props to? He said some cool sh*t on this mixtape.

  • capitalpro

    cool snoop mixtape.

  • ayetown247

    mr. barack odrama makes some tight mixtapes!