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Best of XXL

  • Crash

    Where They at???

  • 50 Cent


  • Weezy-fan

    Jeezy doesnt deserve this… what about nas and wayne?

    • DJ Daddy Mack

      u don’t get tired of the same covers?

    • WANG

      ni99a wayne stay on da cover….im fukin happy jeezy on da dam cover

      i co sign wit daddy mack…..on top of dat wat else cud u talk to wayne about?

    • kay king

      man fuck that shit what the fuck do u know aba da south.t.i is runnin’ ATL alonngside Jeezy real talk. Fuck y’all hatas if u know u a hater then fuck u……………….

  • ?

    jeezy def maturing wit his music bout time can’t b a d boy 4 eava my G!


  • moneymatt

    fuck wayne he has had a cover for like the past two years he even had a multi cover a lil bit ago… get off his balls let someone else shine

  • Bol

    I can’t decide which one I like more. Maybe I’ll cop both.

  • og bobby j

    did nobody else peep foxys nipples on the pics on the main page? ill flapjacks

    • Loopy

      Yeah I saw lol

  • 239allday

    Jeezy tryin to be a pretty boy now, Nigga put on that usher face. Really I don’t understand the logic behind these covers because jeezy and fox both haven’t been makin noise. Meanwhile Nas has the most anticipated album of his career since stillmatic out in stores. Step ya Mag game up XXL.

    • Black

      What you mean Jeezy ain’t been makin noise, He just put out the joint with Kanye and he blazed the Usher joint. Not to mention his name has not died in the streets yet!!!

      • 239allday

        You talkin bout “I put on” shit. I’m not impressed wit it homie. And I know his name aint dead in the streets, but Nas been puttin in work for the last couple of months.

        • Rich-Porter

          Fuck what you talking bout. That “Put On” go hard as hell but Kanye has the best verse on it.

  • kj

    where the hell they at stop wastin my time

  • pompy

    I wanna know how yall always post after somebody else gets your covers? How you let other blogs post your stuff before you?

  • bigdave

    you dumb fuck, nas was just on the cover like 2 or 3 months ago. where the fuck you been at?

    • 239allday

      On the contrary You dumb fuck, You talkin bout the march issue. March-September, hmmmmn…I think that’s a little more than 2/3 months.

  • South Sidah

    What about like Common on the cover? He deserve it. Or you could have anyone on the cover except 50. What about Buck? He got ALOT to talk about.

  • B Knife

    I’m feelin south sidah talkin bout buck now theres some1 who done made a lot of noise

  • ito


  • 615banga

    wtf is foxy brown doin with a cover.
    it should be a 3 way split with Jeezy Buck and Nas

  • grp03

    Foxy Brown is the opposite of attractive.

  • zino

    man…wtf why jeezy on the cover??? on the real when is gucci gone get a cover ??? for real he’s dope as fuck aND he dont stop puttin music out… jeezy’s dope but c’mon on the real put someone thats actually puttin music out on the cover please hip hops dying and the only thing that a hip hop mag can do is put people who aint even putting relevant music out on the cover and as for foxy unfortunatly nobody listens to female rappers sorry to be so real with it but its true for fuckin petes sake do something to save hip hop pllllleeeeeaaaaassssee xxl rich boy yo gotti gucci that asher cats doin his thing smitty whats up with the new schoooll hook them up for real nobody’s gonna kno bout them til u let people kno bout them