I’ll be the first to say that I’m not the biggest Wayne fan in the world. I do give the man his props here and there though, but I took those props back when he said “Fuck mixtape DJ’s.” Did he forget that the 'hood only started taking him serious after DJ Drama dropped Dedication? Which in turn set the stage for Tha Carter II and thus began the Wayne’s World takeover.

Now the dude definitely has some clever rhymes (“I been in and out the bank, bitch!/ While y’all asshole n*ggas been on the same sh*t/'Cause Wayne win and they lose / I call ‘em April babies cause they fools!”) and has definitely mastered the art of delivery. He knows how to finish rhymes and verses. He was even able to hold his own alongside the god, Jay-Hova on “Mr. Carter.”

What makes this mixtape intriguing is the slew of songs that were cut from Tha Carter III. Hot joints like the horn filled “Did It Before” and soul relaxing “Kush” (Please light a spliff to this one). Then there’s the heart-broken freestyle, “I Love Her” which any real n*gga that’s lost a good shorty can relate to.

Is Wayne the best rapper alive? No. Is he overrated? Sure. Is he the hottest rapper in the game, though? Definitely.

Hottest Joint: "Kush"

Weakest Joint: "Bye Bye"