First off I have to give props to B.G. for getting off that manteca. Anyone who knows anything about addiction knows that kicking that "Country Crock" is no easy feat. I respect this man’s gangsta. Now his mixtape…well, that’s a different story. Son spits some hard shit all over the mixtape but it’s mediocre.

He talking about “baking cakes,” jewelry, guns, and the coveted Black Card (which, he probably stole from Baby or Slim) but it all sounds dated. Songs like “Give It To Me,” and “Ball Hard” made a nigga feel like this mixtape was never going to end. That’s not a good look.

Other than on ”Champion,” his flow was pretty much the same throughout the entire mixtape and his delivery was UPS (boring). That, of course, made this CD drag worse than the Village on Halloween, dunn.

Hottest Joint: "Clip 4 Clip"

Weakest Joint: "Same Hood"