AZ Is “A N*gger Too,” Collabos With Absolut For N.4.L. LP And More In “The Roundup”

AZ is partnering with DJ Absolut to release, N.4.L., an indie project inspired by Nas’ most recently album. The title, which stands for Niggaz 4 Life, reflects a thesis the rapper looks to explore on the N word and living as a black man in America, according to AZ. “I’m not doing N.4.L. to be in Nas’ shadow,” he said in a statement released to media. “I was inspired by the message in the movement.” The 16-track album is set to be released August 5th.

Kidz in The Hall have landed a track on the 2oth anniversary edition of Madden ’09, to be released by Electronic Artist later this year. The track, “The Blackout,” from their recent album, The In Crowd, will be available on the game. In the paste, artists ranging from Lupe Fiasco to Slim Thug to Swizz Beatz have been featured in the best-selling game.

Young Jeezy celebrated his landing the cover of VIBE magazine last night in Manhattan, alongside JD, Nas, T.I., Irv Gotti, and Fabolous. The Atlanta rapper is preparing his third album, The Recession, which features the single “Put On” with Kanye West. Swizz Beatz, Red Cafe, and DJ Envy were among the others in attendance.

Music impressario Steve Rifkin has inked a deal with Chief Executive Air to bring his talents in marketing to the private aviation company, it was announced today. Rifkin, who founded Loud Records and SRC, will help to develop marketing initiatives and help assist with the company’s foray into the realm of entertainment.—XXL staff

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  • A

    Why Nas in the same photo w/corny ass Jeezy after all that shit that clown was spittin on the radio? Nas should have stole on this clown for the Vibe album cover.

  • Lo-Doe

    AZ-Top 5 Dead or Alive!

    • Silverback Gorilla


  • sai

    wtf is peezy doing in that pic

  • Real

    Think thats still a hot idea for A Zigga to try and pull off. I think he found a lane. His record might be more uncut raw than the Nas album because we know being on a major Nas got 2 clean it up just a lil bit but AZ should damn near be able to blackout on this 1! Its a must cop for me especially since I heard the last album was one of AZ’s worst records he need to get that AWOL swagger back , he was on to something then. If AZ had just a couple tracks from that Format on the AWOL cut then it woulda been a instant classic but nevertheless it was still classic AZ tho. But go cop that Nas, I already got that on pre-order yeah!

  • Marko-V

    AZ will always be in the shadow of NAS. Sad but true. Until he can make another Sugar Hill he will just be an underground legend and nothin’s wrong wit that however, he deserves more and all he needs is the right beat and maybe a flow adjustment here and there cuz dude’s style can get redundant real quick on an album. And Nas and Jeezy partyin together? C’mon man. Hip-Hop has gone under. Nas should’ve gotten that VIBE cover and he knows it.
    get at me:

    • Dub Sac

      all he needs is the right beat and maybe a flow adjustment here and there cuz dude’s style can get redundant real quick on an album.


      My complaint with AZ has always been the flow. He’ll get stuck in a rhyme pattern and beat it to death over the course of a verse or song. Switch up the emphasis every couple bars, dude. Go listen to some old Ghost or Rae and study that shit. He got it right on The Come-Up, but other songs on AWOL like Never Change just don’t seem to go anywhere.

      Got mixed feelings about N4L. I don’t think he’s got anyone convinced he’s not stuck in Nas’ shadow. That’s the dude he’s ALWAYS been affiliated with, and he’s basically taking Nas’ concept and making another album. And as good as some tracks on AWOL were, AZ never seems to come consistent, so I’ll prolly save my money for the actual Nas LP.

  • geico lizard

    im glad nas and jeezy are cool because beef is stupid and holding back good music and collabos. i saw a picture of queen pen at that party so that is who you should be asking why are they there. i guess that domestic violence incident was her chance to get back out and try to blow up.

  • Adrenaline the Truth

    They all look like they been smokin’ up in that club. anyways, glad to see there is still good things happening in hip-hop these days

  • Silverback Gorilla

    Music Editors Leah Rose, Anslem Samuel (and all those who love our culture)..go check out tha new video by Erule “listen to my demo” on youtube… Real Hip Hop is BACK!

    You a fool if u think it ain’t sick!!!

  • Creala

    Nas don’t need the Vibe cover, we all know he’s the shit, and a true living legeng.

  • balaramesh

    finally, people that can appreciate AZ for being a great rapper. at first, i was maaad skeptical of az kindof piggybacking off nas but i think he will do a great job.

    i agree, that a weird pic of naz, swizz and jeezy. granted, when nas come out with HHID, jeezy, went above and beyond the call of duty to say nas was wack, irrelevant and has no street cred. anyhow, that is cool for them

  • Queens Boy

    jeezy said nas was wack??? really?? i know for a fact he was bitching and all but damn i fucks with jeezy, but if he said some shit like that i might have to not listen to him no more man but anyways that az joint is sure to be fire at first i hated az’s flow(still do, lol) but as one of my fellow bloggers stated if he changes it(his flow) up a bit then he will be sure to blow just needs a few more elements…(better promotion, different flow lol and his own voice) but fuck it, imma still cop anyways though

    • klass initialz

      A yo jeezy is not da shit sorry snow man was a cool idea however kid is weakthis clown talked to true legend face to face and aint know who she was like her thoughts on hip hop didnt matta,{monie love}the same day he diss nas . first off if you going to be in the rap game get to know you 4fathers sort of speak monie love ran the queen{U.N.I.T.Y}BAC WHEN IT WAS ABOUT PROUD TO BE BLACK TYPE SHIT. and this klown jeezy dont know monie in da middle fuk jeezy, AZ i never like AZ until this one trk he did changed my thinking to . dam dude is one of the king lyricals out aztic album sum shit about him sittn wit kings and fairos , watever da shit was crack AZ will always be in Nas shadow!! has to bee AZ will not land a major deal ever to be pushed like major, but still one lov AZ do da firm again bring it bac!!!!!!!

  • Joseph Randolph

    Conscience, Carefree Hippie/Hip-Hop
    Joseph Randolph “The Cool Kid”

  • Stu

    Jumping on the bandwagon for some press? I believe so.

  • kirk

    AZ prolly gone touch on the pool test or at least the paper bag andruler test. Peace.

  • BOLD




  • BOLD