How is this young lady still flyin’ under the radar? Ok, given, she’s never shot her baby sitter, had a crew of shooters dip in her limousine, or kept it G’d up in a court of law and did a bid like a true to the game b*tch. But she can definitely rhyme her way around those who have. Her style is reminiscent of a mid '90s Lauryn Hill in the sense that she can both MC (“Heart Of The City”) and sing a smooth melody (“Test Me Freestyle”). And while she’s droppin’ her political take on joints like “Watch Ya Back Barack,” she also gives the song a fun tone and entertaining rhymes to go with the mind-opening lyrical content. I swear she could’ve been a member of A Tribe Called Quest or part of a group with MC Lyte and Queen Latifah.

Ladies, I know it seems cool to be a chickenhead 'cause dudes respond to shortie’s that dress like the world is one big club and act like shiny things are the best thing since sliced bread. But it’s ’08, time to act a little more like Sojourner Truth or even Martha Stewart (She did her bid like a champ. Can’t hate.) rather than that jumpoff around the corner that has a wet p*ssy, but a dry purse. Until you figure out that metaphore, pop in Amanda’s Foreplay and soak up some good game.

Hottest Joint: Too many to just choose one.

Weakest Joint: "Love Interlude."