50 Cent was confused by Lil Wayne's big first week sales. But the G-Unit CEO said he has no doubt he's gonna push a million copies the first week of his next album. "Fourth quarter," Fif told Mixtape Monday about his next release, Before I Self-Destruct. "I want to focus on the positive, and I feel I'm one of the more vocal people in hip-hop," he continued. "Even when it's not about the music, people pay attention to me, because I have something to offer. I'll continue to create quality music at a pace they never seen." [MTV News]

While the rap dudes are aiming for one mil status, Will Smith just cracked the 100 million mark with his latest movie, "Hancock." The Philly rapper-turned-actor's latest raked in $107.3 million over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. The flick opened Tuesday night, but just over the weekend, the superhero tale took in $66 million alone. Disney/Pixar's "Wall-E" was second at the box office over the weekend with a $33 million haul. [AP]

Kanye West finally debuted his much-discussed fashion line over the weekend. The Chicago star was in France for Paris' Fashion Week and made his way to plenty of shows. While in attendance at other designers' shows, he made sure to rock his own duds, premiering his collection Pastelle. The most talked about item was a faux shark fin adorned hoodie 'Ye took a pic in. A few years ago, West was snapped in the LRG skeleton hoodie and the item quickly caught on and sold out everywhere. [LA Times]

A man seeking more than $25, 000 in damages, filed a lawsuit against Eminem stemming from an alleged incident that occurred two years ago in the bathroom of a Detroit strip club. Miad Jarbou claims Em punched him. No charges were filed at the time. [E!]