First Young Jeezy motivated, then he inspired. But now? Times are hard, so the Atlanta trapper appropriately titled his upcoming album, The Recession. "I told [John McCain] the hood was fucked up and he was like, 'How you doing?'" Jeezy told Mixtape Monday, explaining meeting the AZ. senator after performing with Usher on SNL. "Real talk. The know entertainers, so they shake your hand, 'I'm your friend.' But my mama is about to have surgery that I gotta pay for out my pocket because she can't get insurance. I dont really feel McCain. It ain't just because Barack is black; he can make change. Just like Bush equals recession, Barack equals progression." Jeezy's new album is due in August. [MTV News]

Walking disaster Amy Winehouse performed at the Glastonbury Music Festival and aside from getting into it with a fan, she also took a dig at Kanye West. The British singer called 'Ye a "cunt" during one of her songs, apparently a swipe at his late arrival at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. West, however, laughed off the remark on his blog. "Amy Winehouse hates me! Now I've really made it!" [Yeezy blog, bitches]

Will Smith and his wife are opening a new private school in Los Angeles and rumors are already starting that the project is a Scientology center. The former Fresh Prince and Jada Pinkett's New Village Academy is set to open in September. "We are a secular school, and just like all non-religious, independent schools, faculty and staff do not promote their own religion or pass on beliefs of their particular faith to children," a spokesperson for the school told the Los Angeles Times. [AP]---XXL staff