Young Chris, “I’m up there with Wayne and Juelz”

Young Chris remembers the Roc-A-Fella glory days fondly, but the Philly rapper is ready to move on his own now.

“It’s way harder, damn right,” he told “But it’s also easier because I know more. But I never thought I’d have to go through what I’m going through by myself. Roc-A-Fella was everything, we were the ’96 Chicago Bulls. We didn’t have to reach for anything. Now that I’m on my own two, I have to reach out to people and to artists myself. But they reach back because they’re still fans or they respect the grind and what we been through.”

The Young Gunz lyricist said he’s been working on his album for the past two years now. He’s looking for the right lead single and at this point said he’s 95 percent done and he’s hoping it will see the light of day by the end of the year.

The album is tentatively slated to be released on Def Jam, but according to Chris, all parties involved are “still working it out.”

In the meantime, C and Neef are still together and working on Young Gunz material. For his solo debut, Chris has a number of tracks he’s set to include on his yet-to-be-titled project, like the Twista-featured number “Ride With Me” and the autobiographical “Trouble.”

“I speak on the Roc-A-Fella situation, but [with this album] you’re gonna get a lot of Young Chris,” he explained. “You get to learn me. I got a mother, a daughter, a big family I got to take care of. You’ll hear what I’ve been going through.

“I feel like I’m up there with Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana,” he finished. “But I get overlooked. They starting to get it, though. There’s gonna be a whole lot of problems.”—Anthony Thomas.

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  • Will


    and he’s not as good as Wayne or Juelz


    Juelz?? That’s not sayin much at all.

  • Trill Nigga

    Shittttt Jay been using Chris and Beans stlye 4ever and since Wayne is sucking j off Biting i guess Chris fathered the Favorite Rapper of all u internet LOSERS…..go Chris Killem bol.

    • http://mrbyrd nikita calloway

      i agree alot of people 4get hiphop tue essence and young gunz would be on top of their game.but jayz didnt promote his artsists the way he could have.the roc coulda still been on top.and im ajayz fan til da death.but i wouldnt sign to his label

  • Kani

    Juelz aint shit no way…”non rappin ass nigga, i’d rather listen to your instrumentals!” Young Jeezy

  • The King

    If you up there with them, time to show and prove homie…And first of all, Juelz is not up anywhere, wayne just sold a millie in a week…thats big talks back up

    Up there with cassidy and juelz or someone down there line…not wayne…and trust i aint no weezy fan like dat.

  • JD

    this guy is so s-hit that i forgot his last single, must of ben with the young chimps

  • Rodjilius

    well i guess he been workin on this cd for 2 years now he’s definately being patient

  • John Brown

    I feel like I’m up there with Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana,” he finished. “But I get overlooked. They starting to get it, though.


    • BK Slime

      He is better than both, way better. Wayne is hotter and have a lot of people behind him and his project but lyrically Chris would smash both of them

      Go back and check your stats

      • real talk

        you know if you dont think young chris is as good a s wayne juelz then you probably have not heard enough of him. If you wanna check him out and hear the boy spit DOWN LOAD THE BLUE PRINT MIXTAPE, AT DATPIFF.COM. he wrecks all of rocafellas biggest record instrumentals. He tight dude that young gunz shit is garbage but as a solo artist this dude can spit. He is just as good as wayne and juelz

      • “Tha Truth”

        Hell Naw that nigga aint up there with them niggas he under them tho. Dude is nice but them niggas is wicked. off of one bar they say like 2-4 things. If u really sit down and listen to the carter 3 like more than once that shit is a future classic. its creative his songs got concepts and his lyrics is crazy. but chris is nice tho

    • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

      hes actually better than both he shoulda said fab ..

  • Deez Nutz

    Soulja Boy & Ice-T > Young Miss (Chris)

  • Justice4All

    “Ditto” Negro Please!!! Just stay in your lane, the “Slow Lane”.

  • ant

    John Brown u took the words right outta my mouth!NEGRO PLEASE! Wayne just sold a million in a week…i dont see chris salen a million off of 2 albums

  • MalakiDaGod


  • houston’s finest

    i forgot young chris was a rapper.

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  • Dmoney

    Young Chris is better than Juelz and alot of people dont know but that Philly rap alot of your favorite rappers use it..Jayz Lil Wayne,etc

  • HipHopArice

    Dog that Nigga chris is hard and if y’all flavor of the week ass niggas don’t believe me listen to that first young gunz and listen how a young 21 yr old nigga was spittin..what do sellin a million the first week got to do with anything is 50 BETTER THAN NAS JAY Z OR KAYNE? NO! SO BEAT IT LIKE MJ

  • $ ANOC $

    dis nicca on crack 2 think he’s ^ there wit dem niggas. get a hit single 1st bitch nigga den try 2 talk

    • justin mackie

      for dumb ass ass dickhead fuck niggas the young gunz 1st album went platinum and the second one went gold so what the fuck are yall talkin bout

  • 239allday

    Come on guys we don’t have to hate on chris, yall know yall was fucking with state prop in 03′ year. He’s just feelin himself a little too much, Thats all. Shit I would be too hearin all the bullshit playin nowadays. Matter of fact we should welcome the lil nigga back because at least he’s decent on the mic.

  • Trickdd

    Lol didnt Katt Williams crush young gunz allready Chris And Lil Neefe haha shit was funny these two are the reason why alot of rap that sells is mainstream pop shit

  • Sway-z

    That nigga ain’t say he could out-sell Wayne, niggas bringin up sales like that amounts to skills, I blame 50′s ass for that shit, always braggin about his sales got average joe ass niggas looking at it all crazy. RAP-wise, hell yea he on up there with both of them niggas, if not past um. Mark my words, in 5 years, ya’ll gon do Wayne just like you doing 50 now

  • Philly215

    both wayne and juelz are trash Chris is better than those niggas go check out that Politically incorrect mixtape and go to some older state property youll niggas act like juelz is that great he’s better than juelz and up there wayne wayne ain’t that much of a damn lyricist neither

  • Philly215

    maliki dagod i can’t believe you had the nerve to compare chris to ringtone rap nigga chris is no where near ringtone youll need niggas get off wayne dick

  • ito

    nigga… soulja boy > chris

  • grp03

    what the hell….fuck young chris


    chris is hot period ,in fact hes better than them niggas anyway, plus hov stole his style,you know jigga borrow off his crew to better his albums