According to a federal lawsuit that's been filed, Wendy Williams' husband is being accused of plotting to kill rival radio host Miss Jones.

Kevin Hunter, Williams' husband and manager, allegedly looked to hire a hit man after Miss Jones made unflattering remarks about the WBLS radio host. Jones heads the morning team on Hot 97.

ABC News' New York affiliate reported the lawsuit, but as of press time it remains unclear who filed the suit.

The details are scarce, however, Hunter is alleged to have been upset over comments Jones made and was looking for revenge. According to the suit, Hunter approached an employee of WBLS asking for help in hiring a hit man. The alleged motive was revenge for Jones' remarks.

This is the second time in recent weeks Hunter has made headlines. A former employee of Williams tossed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him and video purported to be Hunter engaging in sexual activity with an unidentified woman floated around the Internet.