T.I. Protege To Release Debut Album On Capitol Records

T.I.’s Grand Hustle label has partnered with Capitol Records, it was announced today, to release the Atlanta rapper’s protege Alfamega and his debut, I Am Alfamega. The album is due September 16.

“Alfamega is not only a good storyteller, he has a unique story to tell,” T.I. said in a statement. “Not many people have experienced or have walked in the shoes he has.

“We are looking forward to launching Alfamega with Capitol and showing the world what he has to offer,” Grand Hustle co-founder Jason Geter added.

Alfamega gained notoriety through the underground on collaborations with T.I. such as “Southern Boyz” before his appearance on Tip’s hit “Hurt,” along with Busta Rhymes, from T.I. vs T.I.P, brought him mainstream attention.

Bus-a-Bus joins Alfamega again on “Headbanger,” of the upstart’s debut, as does Tip and Nitti on the scheduled first single, “Uhh Huh.”

Alfamega will make a promo run soon. In the meantime, he joins T.I. as the opener on the Grand Hustle head’s tour. Dates are as follows:

6/13 Columbus, Georgia: Columbus Civic Center

6/14 Atlanta, Georgia: Philips Arena

6/20 Kansas City, Kansas: Capital Federal Park at Sandstone

6/21 St. Louis, Missouri: Verizon Amphitheatre

7/5 Milwaukee, Wisconsin: U.S. Cellular Arena

XXL staff

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  • omar


  • changeman

    ayo stop saying first ya’ll some fags, or Sluts saying that shit who the fuck cares it’s about the music not your dumb ass. Any way ill see how good this man is. He betta not be mega shitty

  • Valdez

    ^^Co-sign. what’s with everybody on this site doin that lame ass shit anyway??


    Baltimore is in the building…

  • omar

    Hey FUCKYOU change man. That’s the first time I ever did that. I always see other people do it, so I’m a do it. BIAACTCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fireforreal

    Who really cares ? I’d rather hear dro drop something new.

  • Maddolies

    Dro Sucks


    Yall ever peeped T.I. with his head crook ta the side…Nigga look at ya on an angle…from the side. Lord have Mercy I ever wake up in the morning and my shit kink like that..wuzz up T..Look like u got M.s. Peace..Dtown..Detroit Yo


    BIG WILLIE, first of all; what the fuck did you just say. You need to go back to school mutha fukka and take an english class!! That shit didn’t make any sense what so ever.

    “wuzz up T..Look like u got M.s. Peace..Dtown..Detroit Yo”

    This nigga is straight up illiterate!!

  • DFB Hu$tla

    …the fuck…I thought Big Kuntry was up next…been waitin for his solo debut..

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    This is that shit I’ve been waiting for; some fresh new Alfamega!!!


  • http://xxlmag.com the brown

    Yo! I just had to get in on this shit! Omar, Changeman-Ya’ll need to kiss and make up. BIG WILLIE, you are just fucked the fuck up. Oh and I’ma have to cosign on that UNDERWRITER shit, I’ve been waiting on some fresh new Alfamega shit, too.

    sssSIKE!! (yo that shits funny as hell!)