Show & Prove:
Nicki Minaj, Sandman & Roccett

Nicki Minaj, Sandman and Roccett have been courted by Lil Wayne, signed by the Clipse and collaborated with Akon, respectively. You’ve read all about them in the magazine, now listen and see what got heavy hitters co-signing Show & Prove‘s latest featured artists.

Name: Nicki Minaj
Age: 23
Hometown: Queens, NY

Nicki Minaj “Autobiography”

Nicki Minaj “Baddest Bitch”

Name: Sandman
Age: 31
Hometown: Philadelphia

Sandman “B.B.B.#2″

Sandman “Ride”

Name: Roccett
Age: 24
Hometown:Los Angeles

Roccett ft. Akon “All I Know”

Roccett ft. Gorilla Zoe “G Move”

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  • orangejuicejones


  • Phil

    I’ve been f***in with Nicki Minaj. Just waiting to see what she gonna do next.

    • jake evans

      I know she is to fine but she is fake.

  • doe

    Nicki Manji is da deal…Wayne or whoever need to do big things with her and bring this dope Femcee to the forefront while Remy Ma is away..

  • Phil

    I’m actually kinda worried that she signed under another artist. Signing with artist’s vanity labels is soooo late 90′s, early 2000′s, lol…these labels rarely bear fruit in a timely manner.

  • Vig

    Every One of them spit some fire. They all got potential. Stay Focus for Hip Hop


    That bitch sucks.She is wack as a motherfucker

  • Jason Murk

    “G move” got the hottest beat out of all the songs… it’s the only song I could listen to all the way through

    • goosey

      You’re crazy both sand man beats was sick and his lyrics are crazy

  • The_Truth

    What do people see in this Nicki Minaj chick?? I’m confused, she’s average at best. . .and if she expects anything to happen from Wayne’s “label” you fuckin crazy.
    Sandman did his thing. . .and Roccett proves how hard the west has fallen.

  • Rodjilius

    i always thought roccett was part of the CTE west label jeezy got but anyways they all sick nicki is nice sandman is tight and so is roccett

  • heater

    Roccett go hard, west coast stand up…..

  • narry

    caaaaaaannnnnoooonn is a rabid wolverine

  • Vicious Seiger

    Nicki Minaj is like a lump of coal… meaning there could actually be a diamond there or absolutely nothing. She’s nowhere near fantastic but she came off heartfelt on Audiobiography” but quickly took the TBR [Typical Bitchy Rapper] Route with the second joint – The world doesn’t need another Lil Kim [Lord knows we have enough clones and Look A likes to last us for a long time]. She often sounds garbled up like she doesn’t have the confidence in the words she spits. Tell the truth she needs more time in artist development so she cut out her own niche. Grade: C- – Nicki comes off as Just Another Remix To The Same Tired Old Song.

    Sandman & Roccett didn’t exactly bowl me over but I’d grade them both C+ – Potential is there, It justs needs to be tapped properly.

  • willz

    does anyone know the original beat and artist over the nicki autobiography it a wayne joint

    • Valdez

      Sigel… (Beans)

  • WANG

    Nicki iz ok wit da rappin

    i wonder if wayne fukin her behind da scenes
    shit i would…

  • Valdez

    Sandman is that mf nigga!!!


  • Alex

    nicki minaj is shit so is that fat nigga sandman but roccett the man

  • Ninja Baby

    I’m a fan of Nicki Minaj. Being that there isn’t a large amount of female rappers on front street to choose from, she is a good look for me. Of course, with time and experience she will get better, but I’ve been listening to her develop since ’06 and she definitely steps her shit up. I’m glad to see her getting coverage and doing her thang!!!

  • B33_B33

    Nicki Minaj Iz THAT Chick!!!!! Real Tawk!!!! I F**ks With Her….

  • L.A. $trange

    That Roccett and Akon track was the hardest one, hands down, Sandman go pretty hard 2, but the only chick I can listen 2 rap is Rah Digga back in 98, whuts her face should stick 2 modeling or stripping or anything else that envoles less rapping and more of her taking her close off.


    That Nicki Minaj Autobiography is THE TRUTH….that’s on some real ish for real. I’ve never heard her get that personal so this track made me like her more….keep it up Nicki!!

  • keniceia

    man nicki minaj go so fuckin hard kno-homo
    she so real about her shyt
    i mean come on now hatez step yo
    shyt up n hop off her pussy N/H
    She ah bad bitch…..
    lyke really…
    she spit sum real shyt
    go so hard lyke a mean n femalez
    she represention us so get with
    or get lost…

  • C-Dawg

    Man, Nicki sucks. That shit she does with her voice all da fuckin time is so old gtfo with dat shit. Her flo reminds me of my bitches period, lumpy and smells like shit. Take it somewhere else damn.

  • Jaze

    I fill u on this one fak ass bitch she need to suck a old man soggy dick and stop singing.