He has more album delays under his belt than Top 10 hits, but Saigon is still trudging along hoping to release his long-anticipated debut album, The Great Story Never Told.

The New York lyricist told MTV News' "Mixtape Monday" that he's set a September 30th release date for the album. Now he just needs to find a label home to actually put the album out.

Could Jay-Z's new Roc Nation company be a potential home for the Yardfather?

"Rumors are gonna be rumors," he said. "[But] you can't fight the rumors. Just Blaze and Jay-Z are good friends. It's gonna be big. Where we go is gonna be big. It's gonna make history."

According to Sai, within the next month or so he'll make that big announcement.

In the meantime, the rapper is promoting his latest single "Believe It." The Just Blaze-backed track actually features the producer on the song, credited at Red 5.

The enhanced vocals on the track were originally intended for T-Pain, but Saigon said the at the time the singer was still on the rise and was more pricier than the camp thought he was worth.

"We actually referenced [the hook] for T-Pain," Sai explained. "This is when T-Pain was still coming up. He tried to charge us 100 grand. So I was like, 'Yo, you sound good on it [to Just Blaze]. Just keep the song with your voice on it. This was before the Auto-Tune mania."

Whether Saigon inks a deal with Jay-Z remains to be seen but the two MCs are partnering one way or another. Sai will join Jay on tour, along with a separate outing with Rick Ross, this summer. A video for "Gotta Belive" is scheduled to go into production soon.---Jayson Rodriguez