Saigon To Sign With Jay-Z?

He has more album delays under his belt than Top 10 hits, but Saigon is still trudging along hoping to release his long-anticipated debut album, The Great Story Never Told.

The New York lyricist told MTV News’ “Mixtape Monday” that he’s set a September 30th release date for the album. Now he just needs to find a label home to actually put the album out.

Could Jay-Z’s new Roc Nation company be a potential home for the Yardfather?

“Rumors are gonna be rumors,” he said. “[But] you can’t fight the rumors. Just Blaze and Jay-Z are good friends. It’s gonna be big. Where we go is gonna be big. It’s gonna make history.”

According to Sai, within the next month or so he’ll make that big announcement.

In the meantime, the rapper is promoting his latest single “Believe It.” The Just Blaze-backed track actually features the producer on the song, credited at Red 5.

The enhanced vocals on the track were originally intended for T-Pain, but Saigon said the at the time the singer was still on the rise and was more pricier than the camp thought he was worth.

“We actually referenced [the hook] for T-Pain,” Sai explained. “This is when T-Pain was still coming up. He tried to charge us 100 grand. So I was like, ‘Yo, you sound good on it [to Just Blaze]. Just keep the song with your voice on it. This was before the Auto-Tune mania.”

Whether Saigon inks a deal with Jay-Z remains to be seen but the two MCs are partnering one way or another. Sai will join Jay on tour, along with a separate outing with Rick Ross, this summer. A video for “Gotta Belive” is scheduled to go into production soon.—Jayson Rodriguez

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  • Pierzy

    Saigon is a beast and signing with Jigga would be a MAJOR step for him…

  • HU

    Sai and Jay could be a goof union. Finally some good rap could hit the streets. To all the labels: cool it with the Auto-tune shit.

  • HU

    My post above should read “good union”. We need more Saigons and Jays and less Shawty Lo. We need it bad.

  • JP

    I agree with HU and Pierzy
    this dude is the truth, and if he signs with jay-z you know hip hop is coming back hard cause jay-z will support him
    cant wait for the video
    and hopefully this is the last release date

  • King B

    Oh shit!!! I really hope his album drops sept 30 I’ve been waiting for this shit for years Sai is in the top 5 dead or alive

  • get money

    why saigon puttin t-pains business out there like that? thats why these hating ass rappers are broke!

  • You a Joke

    100 grand to sing some bullshit four bar hook through autotune? Cut the middle man and just send that shit straight to Antares. Fuck T-Pain for claiming a factory default VST preset is “his sound” and fuck anybody who buys into his bullshit hype.

  • Benzino

    Saigon is a washed up piece of shit. He is like a piece of shit that failed to get flushed down the toilet along along with the rest of the shits.

    Someone should pull the flush again, cos Saigon is washed up.

    • Capital G.

      Saigon is the fuckin’ truth homie. How exactly is he washed up when an album hasn’t even been released yet? You claim the man is washed up and you take your name from one of the biggest jokes to ever touch a mic. Kill yourself.

  • the brown

    Yo! That would be nice. Sai is a good writer with crisp delivery. It would serve Jay well to make this happen and get Saigon some bigtime exposure. Then we’ll see what Sai’s really all about.

  • piff.

    “Saigon is a washed up piece of shit.”

    Well, if anyone would know what a washed up piece of shit is it would be Benzino. I mean, come on, when was the last time dude was on anything even remotely hot. What, maybe with the Almighty RSO and “One in the Chamba”, other than that dude is all self-hype and Dave Mays dick-riding. Fucking poser.

    And yeah, Hip Hop Weekly (his new mag) is hot garbage. The only reason Z-no is calling Saigon out is that he wishes there was still a chance for him to make it in this hip-hop game, but since that’s never-going-to-fucking-happen he’s got to hate on Saigon, an MC that can rap circles around his ass.

  • MCZ

    that’s ill

  • Swizzy Paredes Dizzy – Facebook it

    all of u people are talkin bare’ shit , ya’ll all say this n that, how u wish real hip hop wud come bak, but none of u fukz buy the new york hip hop ne more ya’ll bootleg it, so think before ya’ll talk, if u gon buy it for real n actually support this man, THEN DO IT, dont just try to promote him on fukin comment boxes, niggaz is wack, go sacrifice some dollars for some shit dat can last a life time

    real fanz of hip hop

  • Jersey Boy

    Yo I feel the move and Saigon ir a real beast with the science but Jay dont market peeps from the east properly I hop ethat boy SAI get hus due in the game real talk son !!

  • Jack

    Jay would be studied not to sign him if he’s bringing him on tour they will probably do the announcement at a show.

  • Big Chops

    If this dude is the future of East Coast Rap, then we are in trouble. He is not worthy of all the hype he’s getting.

    • http://xxLMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

      I feel you. Jay is in the business of selling records which is why this signing makes no sense. This guy has like no charisma!!!! Where is his appeal to really reach the masses? I don’t see it. It’s probably more of a favor to Just then anything else. I don’t believe he has the material to sell in today’s market. Does anyone see him going gold or even selling 250,000 in today’s market? Hell nah!!! Personally I don’t really feel son like that. I’ll just wait for my man Nas’s album.

  • 11KAP

    no such thing as East coast rap. Nothing but pure HIP HOP over hear, ya heard? Big up da mon Saigon. Yeah!

    You can keep the rap west of the hudson, dog!!

  • HERM

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sai’ get his Roc chain some time on that tour.

  • whats really good?

    i cant see siagon blowing up no matter who he signs with.if this was 1995 this nigga would be huge but in 2008 people seem to think a nigga on drugs rolling around on stage is whats hot.SMH.

  • $ykotic

    This is how I know that kats do not know the industry yet talk smack.

    1. We don’t even know if Atlantic will hit him with a “cease and desist” once they hear the project bubbling. It was done with Atlantic budget money. You rarely ever hear an artist jumping to another label and releasing the same songs.(Don’t think Atlantic would put out a greatest hits? Keep sleeping..)

    2. How is dude washed up? That statement makes no sense whatsoever.

    3. Saigon has performed around the world without a serious CD charting album out. Blowing up doesn’t mean top 10. It’s about getting them shows. That’s an artist’s paycheck right there.

    But what I do notice is Jay Z snatching up the flamethrowers(Nas, Jadakiss, Saigon). Isn’t everyone saying Hov is too old? He fell off?

    Looks to me like he is setting up Roc Nation to be a powerhouse(like the OLD DEF JAM).

    p.s. And you kats can keep that regional opinion to yourselves. EVERYWHERE HAS GOOD AND GARBAGE EMCEES.

  • $ykotic

    To stay on that “regional” topic, that is the most bruising “divide and conquer” scam that is truly hurting the industry right now. So what you’re from Atl. Who cares if you live in Miami?
    So what you in the “Bay”. Does that mean YOU only make hot music? WTF?


    There are way too many nice emcees everywhere that don’t get heard that are on the block near you.

    MAN UP ans stop with the nonsense. It’s tired. And foolish.

  • $ykotic

    “MAN UP ans stop with the nonsense. It’s tired. And foolish.”

    My bad. “and” stop with the nonsense….

    • niggafrommemphis

      I agree with ya man,but you can’t tell these ignorant muthafuckas nothin,so don’t waste too much of your thing i can say about dude is at least he got exposure,but without an album and single,he might be overexposed cuz the game ain’t gonna wait forever,after all,it ain’t like the guy in prison.he ain’t washed up,he just needs a real record company that’s gonna put out his shit.

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man this nigga aint shit the nigga aint even gon go gold nobody listens to that bull shit these days and the T-pain shit is dumb coz that nigga got platinum plaques and hits under his belt WTF this nigga got except unnecessary hype like most NY rappers these days the type of hype that doen’t equate to sales ask Joe,Nas and Jada if you think am lying

  • bankalldaytho

    ok we all know saigon the shit! we all know jigga the shit, but what is the point of goin to the roc. dat nigga just gon be on the backburner and under the nigga jay’s shadow like memphis bleek

  • Tha Ace

    i’m a fan of sai’s work and check out anything he’s on, but he really needs to quit givin himself epic status

  • JAY

    Man, this nigga right here is to hiphop what a needle is to a fiend, HIPHOP NEEDS THIS FIX!!!!

    He’s a beast and I’ll put money on the homey that he will crush the so called best rapper alive!