RZA Says Guitars Are A Part Of Hip-Hop, Cites Lil Wayne’s LP, Defends Last Wu Album

RZA engineered Wu-Tang Clan’s sound from the beginning producing nearly every album and record, including classics like the group’s debut and Raekwon’s Only Built For Cuban Linx….

But when the nine-man crew reunited for their 5th album, last year’s 8 Diagrams, Clan members rallied against The Abbott and criticized his production, including his use of live instrumentation, particular guitars.

He’s trying to do too much of this guitar shit,” Rae fumed in an interview with Hot 97’s Miss Info. “Our whole shit is we don’t want that….So chill with that, b.”

Now, however, RZA is feeling a bit a vindication.

“I was just listening to Lil Wayne’s album and there’s guitars all over that album,” RZA told XXLmag.com. “Guitars are a part of hip-hop, a part of music. When we were doing 8 Diagrams, we had this lack of feedback and negative energy. I think it was a misunderstanding and premature. If you name 10 hip-hop songs they either have guitars or pianos on it. So the guitar has always been in hip-hop, we just forgot. I didn’t forget though. Plus I fell in love with guitar culture the last few years. Just like I fell in love with samplers when I first got a hold of a sampler. They’re all instruments, and if you can use them, use them.”

The Wu leader is currently on tour in the midst of promoting his latest Bobby Digital project, Digi Snacks, due next month on Koch Records. The first two singles, “You Can’t Stop Me Now,” featuring Inspectah Deck and “Drama” have already been released.

The Bobby Digital character, he explained, originally served as an alter-go persona for the rapping producer, but now is more of a an offshoot character.

“It’s kind of developed a life of his own, more of how a character in a movie would develop,” RZA said. As Bobby Digital, I have that power now. Before he was almost synonymous with myself. But now I don’t feel the pressure of the responsibility of him. So it gives me more freedom to wild out, wig out, or calm it down.”

After RZA’s released the album he said he would look into other opportunities for Bobby Digital, including comic books and a short he wrote with Chuck Wilson a few years ago called “Black Shampoo.”

“The character actually has a catalogue of his own,” RZA said. “And Digi Snacks is the relaunch of [the brand].”—Jayson Rodriguez

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  • OG Matt Herbz

    *Doot Doot

    –OG Matt Herbz–
    The ORIGINAL White Nigga

  • Bong Bong

    RZA’s beats have been hot for the most part. 8 Diagrams’ production could have been a little better, maybe, but the nigga got classics under his belt, such as :OB4CL, Liquid Swords, Iron Man, Enter The 36 Chambers, etc. So I feel that he knows what he’s doin’! Real talk, muthafuckas. I’m lookin’ forward to Digi Snacks!!!Wu Tang Forever!!!

  • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzow

    nobody fuckin with the rulerzigzagzigallah

  • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzow

    the artwork for the digi snax album is sick

    rza’s lampin on the throne with the fly birds and the golden finger gravediggaz steez.

  • Dave

    RZA should keep on with that. 8 Diagrams was the shit.

  • Neven

    I was down with the 8 Diagrams it’s just a more mature album one you can listen too while studying or just smoking and relaxing. The dark nature of the album for me moved Wu into the next stage. They trusted Rza Before why not do it again

  • yung storm

    i actually thought that the last wu album was good. .people who think guitars aren’t hip hop don’t really listen to music in the first place. so any negative feedback that the rza got for the production on 8 diagrams is strictly on the those that didn’t get it. as for the boddy digi character i like it. but i think true rza fans are really waiting for the long awaited “cure” album he’s been talking bout for the past like 7 years already.

  • Vicious Seiger

    Nowhere in this article did anyone say Guitars aren’t Hip Hop. So why is the writer of this article trying to suggest this? It’s all music at the end of the day, I don’t care if you use Bagpipes just make it Hot. As for Raekwon & Co. displeasure with the production they have a right to voice their opinion on what is being produced. Back to the guitars thing, a heavy portion of soul music uses this very instrument dating back to Robert Johnson to Johnny Guitar Watson to B.B. King to Bo Diddley [RIP] to Ernie & Marvin Isley [ex. Voyage to Atlantis] and soul music is the vertebrae to Hip Hop. This article is kind of misleading, the use or non-use of an instrument does not dictate it’s place in that genre. Slash [Guns N' Roses] was on a Blackstreet song, Wes Borland [Limp Bizkit] was on a Crystal Method track and many hip hop labels have in house bands to achieve that particular sound they want [Suave House, Doggystyle, Aftermath & Etc.] Maybe the title to this article should have been “RZA drops new Bobby Digital and Defends Production on 8 Diagrams”.

  • 92FS

    I do audio engineering and I can in fact tell you many muhfuckaz use guitars…ain’ nothing wrong with that…look at how Jimi Hendrix changed the music world with a guitar. I’m a MUSIC lover so it don’t matter to me as long as the concept and material is good I’m all for it.

  • fireforreal

    Raekwno has been a hater for the last 7-8 years because he ain’t brought no real fire since the clans double album.I think all that crying shit and talkin about your boy to the oublic is high school shit and something you would expect the new rappers to do not the vets.Raekwon will never come out on aftermath hen he’s gonna hate on Dre next because that’s what he does,he’s becoming a grumpy old man who fell the fuck off.

  • Didishow

    RZA is right though. We’re taklkin bout hip hop MUSIC here. So its about music. And music is universal music is guitars, pianos, whatever the fuck so yeah i feel RZA on that one.!

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