Makeda Barnes-Joseph filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit in a Bronx court today against Remy Ma, Universal Music Group, Sure Shot Recordings, and The Pizza Bar, the Manhattan establishment where she and the rapper were partying before the Barnes-Joseph was shot. The court documents are available to view at

The suit claims UMG and Sure Shot created and marketed an image for Remy Ma that promotes her as "anti-social, violent, physically aggressive and intimidating, anti-authoritarian, confrontational, disrespectful and at times, being engaged in criminal and illegal conduct without regard to the consequences thereof to said personae and to the general public and specifically, to [Barnes-Joseph]."

The bar where the two spent time before the shooting is also named in the lawsuit. Legal reps for Barnes-Joseph allege employees of The Pizza Bar served alcoholic beverages to Remy Ma "became visibly intoxicated" and contributed to her later actions.

On July 14, 2007, Remy Ma was accused of shooting Barnes-Joseph after the two left the birthday party of a mutual friend. The former Terror Squad star alleged Barnes-Joseph stole money from her and confronted her friend. After a brief scuffle, Remy Ma shot Barnes-Joseph in the stomach and hurried off. The rapper was later arrested and charged.

The case went to trial and Remy Ma was eventually convicted in March of this year. She was sentenced to eight year in prison after prosecutor argued the rapper's motives and attempted to secure her in prison for up to 13 years.

Barnes-Joseph was hospitalized after the shooting and is seeking up to $10 million for pain and suffering stemming from the incident.---LaTisha Robbins