Lil Wayne’s The New SoundScan King, Moves “A Milli” And Debuts At No. 1

He rapped about it (“A Milli”) and now he’s living it.

Lil Wayne moved 1,007,706 copies of Tha Carter III last week to become the first artist to crack that barrier in a single week of sales since 50 Cent. The G-Unit head topped that mark in 2005 with the release of his sophomore set, The Massacre.

Weezy’s opening numbers easily make the rapper the top seller of 2008 so far. Previously Mariah Carey and Usher netted slightly fewer than 500,000 for each of their respective albums. Last year, during his epic SoundScan battle with 50 Cent, Kanye West moved 957,000 copies of Graduation to become king.

But now Lil Wayne mans the throne. His highly anticipated Tha Carter III was released June 10, but the project leaked causing concerns regarding his sales tallies. Like most eagerly awaited rap albums TC3 found itself on the Web and in the streets before its proper release date.

Remarks, however, that the Cash Money star made about DJs caused a firestorm and resulted in several jocks leaking the rapper’s album with no regard. Wayne later dismissed his controversial comments. The rapper appeared on DJ Drama’s Shade 45 show and explained he only meant his harsh words for The Empire, not all DJs.

The Empire later spoke with and revealed the records he receives and puts out on mixtapes—to the dismay of Wayne and his producers—he obtains from someone close to the rapper.

A week prior to Wayne’s June 10 release date, the rapper’s album made a debut at number 171 on the charts. The album moved a number of copies ahead of its actual proper date. Next up for Wayne is “Tha Carter III tour,” which kicks off June 27.—Jayson Rodriguez

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  • Pierzy

    This makes me sick, but I’m not hating. Hats off to Wayne. Damn.

    • ian

      wayne’s done well!!

      don’t rate the album myself, like a couple of sngs but not enough to buy it (but he don’t need be to anyway)

      not a classic, but in 10 years this album may still be looked back on for it’s sales.

      but sales does not define hip hop and never will

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Wow. And I haven’t even had time to go pick it up. The boy is killin’em

  • VA

    say wat u want about him no other rapper is about 2 move a million first week hov said it himself “men lie women lie but numbers DONT”

  • Laron

    Damn, he sold more than 50 cent in the first week with his Curtis album.


    And we’re supposed to believe that Lil’ “pen & pixel graphics” “kissing on my daddy” Wayne went and “sold” that much! And to whom might I ask? Better yet… and how many did Universal buy?? Hmm… You can’t sell me bullshit.. I know the prices!

    • lotto

      Blah Blah Blah, I knew some dumb ass was gonna say that shit. Stop hatin pussy nigga.

      Now go ahead and talk shit.

  • Smitty

    this aint def jam universal aint buyin a-millie records

  • J

    He still looks like a retarded alien.

  • k r s 2

    sweeet.tha album is bangn!! bring on l.a.x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!game time

  • Teddy

    if it only it was a good album, the carter, carter 2 dedication and dedication 2 mixtapes shit all over c3, his lyrics n flow suck these days he sounds like a retard with terrets

  • NYG

    I’m a Lil’ Wayne fan but this album was pretty disappointing, well I wasn’t really expecting much from it anyways. He’s had mixtapes better than this album and the fact that he sold more than Graduation in his first week I think is rediculous because Graduation is a real classic album to me, Tha Carter III doesn’t have the elements in it to be a classic. He’s an entertaining rapper and I get a few laughs when I hear his songs but I would never buy his albums, although I do listen to his music at least once a day lol but shit happens and he pushed A Millie somehow. He’s extremely inconsistent with his quality. But congrats to Wayne.

    • akaTheRealist

      My thoughts exactly. I couldn’t have stated it any better. Wayne’s a good rapper, but he’s just too inconsistent, and can’t focus on the quality of his music. But I’m sure if he began to and put down the drugs, he wouldn’t be what he is today. His fan base would also change dramatically. He’d be better, but worse. So it is what it is.

  • Cambino

    1 million doesn’t say anything to me. And I agree with Fresh how many did the label buy themselves, nothings legit anymore. And so much about him not liking the Empire, The Drought Is Over Pt. 2 is ten times better than C3.

  • drchang

    say what you want about his lyrical content on C3, but to the 1,007,706 people who bought this album, didn’t they have a chance to hear it nearly a week before it actually dropped via the internet?

    give respect to the current soundscan king-
    numbers is all that matters at the end of the day

    propz wayne

  • illp

    only can look positivly about that if ppl start going back to buy album wont have probleme like the buck and 50 bulshit and stuff like that weezy made the type of number that he should have made when u a star like this so t.o.s wish get to moke at less 350 000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lil_Tijuana

    MAN! I live in Tijuana B.C. Mexico and I crossed the border to cop his album, then I burned like 80 copies to sell on da streets(tiangis). My peeps south of the border luv this guy. He a crazy “milli” man!!!

  • Bling Blung

    That’s sad when jokes like this clown move a milli. This brotha’s wack!

  • lil_Tijuana

    Ay Chihuahua! I live in Tijuana B.C. Mexico and I crossed the border just to cop his album. My peeps luv this crazy “milli” man!!

  • venemez

    Look at all this haters… wayne done sold a milli. NO OTHER ARTIST notice not rapper ARTIST!!! has sold that much in one week in 3 fucken years!!

    Waynes hard work has paid off he fed yall mixtapes to keep him in the street, he laid down verses with RnB cats to keep him relevent in the public eye…

    Can’t hate Weezys hustle…


    Weezy is not the best rapper alive but he is amoung greats.

    “When you speak of pac, biggie, and jay z… dont forget weezy baby!”


    • chad bro chill

      that is fucking ridiculous u need to get out more if u think wayne is in the top 5 hes not in the top 50

  • chad bro chill

    dont get it twisted i am most deffinately lil wayne hater but im glad he sold a milli. 50 selling so many records basically proved that you dont need to be a good rapper to sell but at least wayne has a little talent unlike 50.
    and i think wayne appreciates hip hop again unlike 50

  • $tuckfresh

    Carter 1 and 2 were 10X better then #3!! I’m cash money #1 fan but carter 3 was not that hot!! 5 STAR STUNNA WAS A CASH MONEY CLASSIC!! 10X BETTER THEN CARTER 3!! But congrats to my man Weezy fuckin baby!! 1,000,000 people bought his worst album to date!! Let the beat build BITCH!!!

  • jay

    thats wut it is.. i downloaded it and the album is a banger im gettin that album in 2 days once i get paid .. who u kno in the game that been grindin like weezy for the past yr in a half n pays off.. hes the on ly one who been puttin out mixtape after mixtape n featured on song after song n finally his drops n his grind paid off

  • daesonesb

    think of this album like jay-z’s Vol. 2

    wayne made some shit for the radio and for the general public, moved a lot of units, and solidified his position as the most popular rapper out today.

    Its not the best album he’ll ever make, just like jay had come with a lot better shit in the past(like reasonable doubt) but the album is still good as a crossover album.

    STILL, I dont think big first week sales makes wayne the best rapper alive. Hammer went 10 times plat… and vanilla ice went plat 7 times.

  • P. Magix

    man yall is sum hatin ass niggas. 1st yall say he washed up, then yall say his album aint gon sale cuz it was pushed back, and once that muthafuker sold yall niggas talkin bout his record label bought most of the cds. damn, give that nigga a break. and who tha fuck cares if the carter 3 was a good album, he has already established that he is one of the elites, this album was strictly made for SALES!!!!



  • Music Fan

    The label bought some and so did Baby

  • MrPresident916

    Wayne in top 5.. no fuckin way.. top 5 relavent artist rite now.. cuz hes no legend and will not be a legend.. and for tha guy who said this album was made for sales.. u must not be wayne fan cuz he said himself he does not care how many albums he sales.. its about tha music for him..

  • dez

    a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli

  • Dre”I’M MAD” Peoples

    I’m Feeling Fresh.Wayne,We don’t believe you,you need more people.I been right all along!Who the Fuck bought that damn album?out of all the high school dropouts that i know that listen to Lil’ Wayne,NONE OF THEM BOUGHT THE ALBUM!!!And in his case,Numbers DO lie.That album ain’t nowhere near as hot or classic as The Blueprint!We let his career build up to this B.S That he calls The Carter 3?What Hot does he say on the album?La La is the worst track i”ve heard in years!He didn’t put no effort in his album construction.When you watch Jay Put together The Black Album,You see how he carefully picks songs and makes niggas step their game up.Wayne sounds like he made some of those songs 3 years ago and new that niggas wouldn’t feel it,But he couldn’t go make it hotter cause gillie stopped Fucking with him So,,He let it build up and went bankrupt while paying for all this damn publicity just so he can Drop some Bullshit like La La,A Millie And Lollipop?That Nigga ain’t a Nigga,,,That Nigga Is A NIGGER For That Shit!That’s why Nas couldn’t call his album Nigger,Cause Def Jam New That Wayne was Gonna Niggerfy The Shit Out Of The Rap Game this Year ALONE!BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Dre”I’M MAD” Peoples

    And if any of you SLEUTH’S wanna put wayne’s lyrics up against my nigga Jay’s Or Lupe’s Or Kanye’s,Post em’ Cause he didn’t say shit hot on that album!

  • lil_Tijuana

    C’ old are you 30? Lil kids are gonna buy his album no matter what the lyrics say, even if it don’t make sense. Can Gay-z sell a milli now-a-days? Naw, I didn’t think so.

    • Black

      Actually American Gangsta went Platinum and is on it’s way to Double Platinum

  • DJ DaveLee

    I bet all the haters on this page bought the album. So stop hating on that man, really stop hatin on that man, try to get some bitches, get off that mans dick.

  • lil_Tijuana

    I bet your mama bought the album and you burned a copy for yourself. Stop hating “NIA”

  • lil_Tijuana

    Dre”I’M MAD” Peoples probably stood inline all day just to cop his album

  • kingequality

    the albulms ok but hey 1mil in a week is dam good he’s the most popular rapper right now and people are gonna go cop that people that aint even wayne fan is gonna go cop that just to see what the hype is all about shit I even downloaded the dam thing and I think the nigga corney ass hell

  • 239allday

    Yall know I’m a wayne fan. I have been since 1999. I saw this comin. But I aint gon lie this album felt more like a mixtape but thats only because of all the previous C3 leaks. Wayne doin big thangs. Fuck the haters. Yall bought the album too!!!


    1st week album sales don’t determine weather an album is good or not. Sales have no bearing on a mc’s talent. It has more to do with marketing than anything else. remember, it’s called showBUSINESS! That being said, congrats to wayne and cash money, he deserves the success, he’s the hardest workin man in the rap game, and now he’s reapin the benefits!


    whats up ya broke bitches all u hatin ass mufuckers tha carter 3 definatly wasnt waynes best album but its still hot yall sum 50 cent guerilla lookin niggas he is still in my top 5 and is da best rapper alive who da fuck is better and has strived 2 prove it like wayne has countless mixtapes features da whole 9 top five hate it or love it 1.tupac 2.biggie 3.wayne 4. jayz 5. deez nutz cause aint nobody after these 4 and da only reason jay 4 is because wayne started at 11 and is only gettin betta wit years jay was hot and is now goin up and down not being consistant look at his last 2 efforts ones hot ones not but i bet u mf wouldnt know which ones hot u deaf piggly sumbitches

  • jSeres

    This is fucking terrible. It truly defines the status of hip-hop listeners today. This piece of shit sold a million albums and I bet Nas’s Untitled won’t sell half of that, and that is shaping up to be a REAL fucking classic. Fuck Wayne, and fuck Southern Rap.

  • Trickdd

    Like I told yall Hate on Wayne he sells mane bottom line whos fucking with the man nobody leave it at that haters. I swear to god I didnt even buy The Carter 3 yet but im gunna so dont expect sales to do that bad in the second week

  • youngJ

    yall really expect anything less
    this album is a classic

  • Third Ave Productionz

    Where is the love? Disgruntled rappers hating on everyone making moves.

  • tone from philly

    how can u support a crackhead. i never liked wayne he doesn’t talk about anything relevant.i was done whn he admitted the only reason he stopped smoking crack was because it made him break disrecpectful to put him in the same sentence as jay z or kanye west both have sold over a mil on ever about time wayne, he only been rapping since he was 14. the rap game is n serious trouble

  • Black

    Your boy Hov said three things that sums all of this up
    1. Men shouldn’t be jealous that’s a female trait
    2. Men lie, Women lie, Numbers Don’t

    3.On “Mr. Carter” he called Wayne the heir to the throne

    this is coming from a legend, so why can’t you hatin ass niggas shut the f@*k up and congratulate the man for selling a milli in one week even with the internet hurting record sales. If you don’t like Weezy keep your comments to yourself, because your comment’s are not going to change the next mans opinion!!!!!

  • render

    Even if you hate the dude, you gotta be stupid to hate on his sales. This nigga along with kanye is the only thing keeping hiphop commercially viable. Record execs are gonna look at this shit and its gonna keep them from turning hiphop into a ringtone only industry.

    Rap albums still sell and that shit is good news no matter who you are

  • Danny

    WOW!! Blew my expectations out of the water!

  • Paulie

    So it makes 1,007,706 people who don’t know how to spend their money

  • King Rames

    Paulie your a Fag…. He’s a millionaire’ hes a young money millionaire’… wat you got fag boy… U aint got shit… Paulie fag

  • fo life

    I was a fan of lil wayne when he was young with the hot boyz. I didn’t feel his last 2 albums, this surpires me even though he has the number one single out now. Its a great accomplishment and no one should hate on him. Its hard nowadays so sell 200,000 a week when there are wayz to download entire albums online. Lets how many albums he sells after the album has been in stores for about 6-9 weeks thats what im looking forward too!

  • Rae Tha Great

    Give credit where it is due, fuck it. The Carter 3 is dope but not on Jay-Z level. I wonder if he serious about keeping the series going I mean damn he like JR Writer. Peace HIP-HOP IS ALIVE

  • Trickdd

    As long as theres pain and struggle and people on this earth HIP-HOP well never die I Been sayn this since that remark was made. Cds just been doing bad cause its all that Digital shit and who wants to waste money on a shity cd that can get scratch up snapt hard to find if you got alots of them like me everything is just gunna go digital once I get my system in my SUV (LOL CUZ I GOT MY RIMS FIRST AND CUSTOM GUTS)Im haven him put it where I just plug a I Pod in and I got thousands of all my songs not no Cds that I Burnt and dont no whats on them Lol

  • 92FS

    “So if your message ain’t shit, fuck the records you sold
    cuz if you go platinum, it’s got nothing to do with luck
    it just means that a million people are stupid as fuck”

    He’s still a lame to me but good job rounding up the sheep.

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