Kanye West To Headline Global Nike Running Event

Kanye West is a busy man these days. He’s crisscrossing the country on his “Glow in the Dark” tour with N*E*R*D, Lupe Fiasco, and Rihanna. And in between he’s making stops at festivals both small and large like Bonnaroo and Hot 97′s Summer Jam.

Now, the Chicago lyricist is set to headline yet another stage. West is scheduled to perform in Los Angeles August 31 as a part of the Nike+Human Race, a simultaneous jaunt taking place in 25 separate cities.

Kelly Rowland will perform in Paris and Moby wil take the stage in London.

West will perform at the L.A. Coliseum and bring to a close a day of 10K races, ranging from Europe, Asian, and North and South America.

“This race is bringing together hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to run and listen to some great music while serving a higher cause,” West said in a statement. “And I’m excited to perform in L.A. as part of the grand finale.”

For more information log onto www.NikePlus.com.—Nino “Dubs” Deluca

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  • disappointed

    ill tellu somethin i was so hi on ye wit his rappin, the glow in da dark tour, and all this extra stuff he does like this nike running event. i kno sum rappers recycle their shit, but i didnt expect his from kanye, so when i ran into this i was thoroughly disappointed. on ryan leslies hot track diamond girls he spits FIRE that i thot was incredible but it felt all too familiar. flash back and you can hear the same verse on the joint he did wit the dialated peoples. cmon ye ur better than this. dropped a few rungs on my list.
    ps. lil wayne ddid 1.5 mil first week on c3. not to mention the hundreds of thousands taht were bootlegged. not bad. just thot id throw that in there.

  • j.calderon

    Correction, wayne sold 1 million 6 thousand copies, which is only about 50,000 more than kanye. Just thought I put that out there.

  • 239allday

    Kanye is beyond gay.

    Yuh, it was meant to rhyme.

  • http://internationalzonecoaster.blogspot.com Max-Jerome

    This is why Kanye Excels.

    While other rappers are snitching on each other, having lunch with the FBI, recording phone conversations, or catching cases.

    Kanye is doing shit with Nike (Smart Move For Fellow Sneaker Heads) so he can always get that exclusive shit and getting paid for it.

    I remember watching the “get em girl” video with Camron and how much of an oddball he looked like, now, them same cats is dressing and looking like him.

    Rap is outta control.

  • King Rames

    239allgay… you just cant stop hatin can you

  • niggafrommemphis

    After that shit the other day, i think the white folks are finally gettin tired of his old ass now.Miss Ross ass nigga.

  • HipHopArice


    you’re a hater…. what is y’all problem Ye and Wayne are the to best and most hated on today. Every body needs to stop hatin in get on y’all on grind

    • niggafrommemphis

      eat yo momma pussy bitch boy!

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