And the winner is...Hov.

Jay-Z landed at number seven on the Forbes "Celebrity 100," the magazine announced yesterday.

The rapper raked in $82 million last year in a number of deals, including inking a deal with Live Nation to release his future albums and to partner with the Brooklyn lyricist for touring.

Will Smith was the only other rapper to crack the top 25. The former Fresh Prince pulled in $80 million last year. Jay's new wife, Beyonce, along with Justin Timberlake, faired well, too, landing at numbers four and 12, respectively.

The list was compiled by a combination of income earnings, Web mentions, press mentions, and TV mentions. Oprah Winfrey landed at number one on the list.

Kanye West and 50 Cent, who engaged in a SoundScan showdown last year ranked just out of reach of the top 25 behind baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez and comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Fif came in at number 26, while West was number 27. Last year the Queens rapper landed at number 32. 'Ye failed to make the list in 2007.

The G-Unit CEO pulled in a healthy amount of dollars through all his various ventures, with $150 million. West brought home $30 million, but along with Hov, the Chicago rapper landed in the top 10 list for Web mentions to secure his ranking.

Diddy landed at number 33 with $35 million, Jennifer Lopez came in at 54 with $7 million, and Alicia Keys placed at 65 with $7 million, to round out the urban acts.---Jayson Rodriguez