Jacob The Jeweler Iced, Sentenced To 2 1/2 Years In Prison

Jacob Arabo, better known in hip-hop circles as “Jacob the Jeweler,” has been sentenced to two and a half years in federal prison, according to TMZ.

The Bukharian-American Jewish immigrant was booked for lying to investigators looking into the Black Mafia Family drug case.

Arabo, 43, was arrested by the FBI in 2006 on money laundering charges. He later plead guilty to falsifying records and giving false statements. The plea deal he worked out in 2007 resulted in the money laundering charges being dropped.

He had been accused of using his jewelry business to launder upwards of $270 million for BMF. In October 2005, authorities raided BMF and 30 members were arrested during the massive bust. In 2006, 16 of the members were indicted on conspiracy charges to distribute cocaine; money launder charges were also doled out bringing the total number in the bust up to 49 people.

In court Arabo told the judge: “I feel ashamed that I broke the laws of this country, a country that has been so good for me. I will carry this shame for the rest of my life.”—Nino “Dubs” Deluca

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  • fireforreal

    It’s all good because when your a rapper you do 8 monthes out of a 1 year sentence so somebody of his status will do 1 year and get probation.


      no dice….it’s fed time homey! this nigga gon do every single day!

  • $ykotic


    Jeezy can you feel the pressure?

    Now will you rapper dudes stop dry snitching on yourselves on records?

    This BMF case is bigger than we think.

    • Jason Murk

      Co sign.

      Jeezy better find some new shit to rap about on his next joint…

      • DETROIT

        jeezy ain’t in bmf…that shit is a hoax to make his records sale. Believe me, if he was in BMF, he’d already be done!

  • 239allday

    Dan=mn they fuckin niggas. They even fuckin the jewelers too. Whoo, what a world.

  • http://XXL Spence

    Laundering 270 million and you get 2 1/2 yrs. if those internet gangster going to say my man Tip told and got a yr. Then this bammer told for real. Money and time dont add up homey.

  • Dre”HHHMMMMM!”Peoples

    These Ain’t colnflict diamonds/Iz they Jacob/Don’t Lie To Me Maan/LOL!

  • dre”HHHMMMM”Peoples

    These Ain’t Conflict Diamonds/Iz They Jacob?/Don’t Lie To Me Maan!/LoL!

  • Trickdd

    This man was a millionaire without dealing with the BMF and hes gunna get into that dum shit man role solo cause at the end of the day the only one that can do anything for you is you

  • Coon Duck

    2 and half yrs for lying and that BITCH T.I only got a year for how many guns. FUCK CLIFFORD HARRIS AND THAT UGLY BITCH HE WITH. T.I a fucking dick in his mouth ass snitch

  • Silverback Gorilla

    A famous boxer once said : ” I’ve learned that w/ enuff $$, u can beat ANY charge. ”

    Don’t get caught up in the numbers game fellas. If I had a few mill to blow, imagine how much I’d throw in the face of a lawyer or judge to stay out of prison.
    i.e. Jeezy in Miami.. Jay-Z & “Un”… O.J.

    “..Then i dumps dough on tha D.A. desk & I flee scott-free & pee-pee on the steps…”

  • Silverback Gorilla

    “… Feds cost me, 2 mil to get tha system off me…”

  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    Rappers been saying this dude been dodgy for time now…

  • Dmoney

    DETROIT….Jeezy did run wit BMF im in the Atown homie but that dont mean they sold him dope..

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