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  • dee dee dee

    young buck needs his own cover soon.

  • 239allday

    XXL I salute you. I know these fair weather niggas is quick to turn on a dude and bow down to what 50 says. Not Me. I still fucks wit tip. That paper trail album gon be a problemo!!! Revolutionary but Gangsta.

    Florida Stand Up

  • that guy

    dope cover. fuck shawty lo’s wack ass. TIP still da king.

  • Big Lyrics

    Real Creative. Thumbs Up XXL

  • the chancellor

    “You say you from the westside…well god damn, there must be two sides…”

    -Shawty Lo

    Has anyone seen Tip in Bankhead lately? Oh wait that’s right.

    • NYCe

      doesnt matter, Shawty Lo raps suck dick. It aint where you from, its where you at

  • Negro Please


    I still can’t believe the amount of support this “7..err.. 8 time felon” still gets. I dunno if it is just South stans, “dickriders” or people who are really that gullible who keep defending this guy but its f*ing ridiculous. I mean really, if any one of use “normal” non- celebrity types would have been caught with half of what TIP had, we would still be locked up. But this dude, already a “7 time felon” (what I care about a case?!) only gets 12 months? Its laughable.

    Beyond the fact that he shouldn’t be a role model for anything besides the best way to make millions and still be a knucklehead, we can jump into the “snitch” talk. There is NO WAY, NO WAY, NO WAY in hell he got this good behavior time without telling on someone. You know what though, I dont have a problem with snitching, as long as you dont claim to be some uber-tough, gangsta ass muh-phuker. At that point you just played yourself.

    But who am i to judge? Im just a normal guy who would be in Huntsville if i had all them guns.

  • 239allday

    Come on, chancellor seriously. Fuck all that. If you were an up and coming artist, who would you rather have for a feature. Mr. Laffy Taffy or the nigga that gave you “be easy”.

  • the real jay

    props… nobody can stop the unstoppable.fuck the haters the king is back!!!!!! t.i.= king of the south!

  • major

    its da KING bitch!!!

  • coach7601

    Man please, why does everyone got something to say whenever TIP has to go to jail? Has anyony noticed except me? Look bottom line TIP has to much money point blank period Shawty-Ho raps like he’s shy or something cut it out homeboy!!!!!

  • Dre”I’M MAD” Peoples

    He Ain’t the king of the south!…he lost his chance.He’s just like Kobe Bryant.Kobe getting all these mike comparisons and the he does Un-Mike-Like things Like,Blow 4th Qtr Blowout Leads,Get Blown Out In The Finals,Almost Got Swept Too!…Just Like T.I talking Bout He’s the King Of The South.He Talknig All That shit ,I’m Gonna Do This,Nobody Can Stop Me,King Album Gonna Defy Me As An Artist And I Ain’t Gotta Say It No More,And As Soon As He Got The Chance With The KING Album And The T.I VS.T.I.P Albums,He Stunk Up The Fucking League Just Like Kobe!The Best Thing About The KING Album Is,What U Know About That And The Goodlife.The Best Thing About T.I VS. T.I.P Is Watch What You Say And Acts 1,2,3….2 Hot Tracks,3 Ok Skits And A Missused Hova Guest Appearence Is All You Can Come Up With?Give The Damn Cover To Lupe Or Kanye You Damn Dumb asses!

  • jonathan

    you and hannah banna going to prison nigger! you hear me doggy! that chick aint my sister! do you understand! and it aint her inheritance seriously! goodluck and take care! or if you talking about micheal yall all going to jail! goodluck seriously! and take care of yourself!

  • jonathan

    you all believe your gonna get away with this great robbery and over a dozen murders by torturing and waisting time! lolol! im laughing at you niggas! seriously! goodluck!

  • fireforreal

    R.Kelly needs the cover saying not guilty bitches! bring on the young tenderoni’s.

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Yeah yeah he is this, he is that, but I bet yall one thing no matter who yall want or think should be in his position when u hear King of the South who do u naggers think of? Its the King bitch, no homo.
    P.s. (No Stanning)either

  • Dave

    When’s this shit hit stands? I’ll buy it the moment I see it.

  • zino

    tips that dude trap musik was a classic and u really expect a multi multi multi millionare to stay in the hood? thats retarded i get some millions and im staight up out da hood fuck that go somewhere sunny with palm trees and shit

  • markeith 504

    thats two issues inna row yall fuckin up on

    i aint buy the last an i aint buyin this

    step it xxl your covers are gettin wacker

  • $ ANOC $

    dey gave da rite month 2 give my nicca tip da cover cause once August 12th comes no other rapper better not drop dat day if dey lookin 2 get da #1 spot on da billboard charts! ITS DA KING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • lmao

    t.i the king? king of what? this nigga is a fake a snitch and a pussy ol’ scary ass nigga this nigga been done got exposed no one outside the internet fucks with t-lie lol

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  • street fam

    i respect xxl for coming outta no where and puttin T.I on the cover…I was thinking they would put up another G-unit or Game cover since they have albums dropping soon

  • hazmat262


    can we get someone new to hit the cover of the mag… T.I. is lame, and all the last covers yall had is ass… real talk

  • fuck tip

    fuck this beanut head nigg anit got no flow
    rza droping wht anit he got the cover hip hop anit dead but bull shits like this is killing it xxl needs to throw my money at weak ass shit for like the last year
    o yea that weezy would been a classic if he didnt record songs why baby fuck him in the ass

  • CP Z3

    i dont care wat any of you hataz say..TI is the truth and he still the king. Shawty Lo done tried so hard to knock Tip down, but ol boy still aint lost no step. people aint gone quit fuckn wit tip cuz yall assuming he a snitch. dude got bread, and had good lawyers. i dont hear yall sayin kells, oj, and mike jackson snitched. big money talks. then he still gone sell records and he still get respect down here in atl, hell the dude griffy 2 trill from the a-team mornin show checked l-o for beefin wit TI at the thug/hood awards they had. Paper trail gone be fie, and T.I is gone be even more famous and richer. yall just wanted him to go to jail. and shawty lo wasnt talkin all dat heavy bs b4 tip got locked up now was he? if he had that much of a prollem he wouldnt benn called out ti cuz ti been claimin bankhead.

  • Westcoast Mexican

    Fuck T.I. his lil fame time is over, XXL get a real muthafucka on the cover,(Flip, Jigga, Nas, Z-Ro, Dr Dre, C Murder etc…)
    i might not buy next months mag, ya’ll dissapoint me

  • Laron

    You naming all pussy ass rappers.

  • Jack

    xxl always puts the same people on the cover next month will be lil wayne jay-z or 50 jay-z being the most worthy but still its time for a change

  • O_rock


  • Jack

    ya Kanye deserves the cover after all he was the one voted hottest artist right now xxl needs to keep up with the times.