First, 50 Cent filed papers in court against the mother of his child. And now she’s filing right back.

In response to 50 filing a motion against Shaniqua Tompkins for defamation, stemming from her comments about the G-Unit star and the burning of her Long Island mansion, Tompkins is asking for a temporary restraining order against the rapper.

TMZ is reporting Tompkins went to court in New York this morning to file the injunction. According to the gossip Web site, she will allege threats have been made against her from 50’s camp.

An update by TMZ stated Tompkins has received the order, which will require the rapper to keep distance from the mother of his child when she is out, also he must forfeit any firearms, and in order to see his son 50 has to pick him up from the "curb side."

Tompkins lawyers are seeking a more permanent order next moth, according to TMZ.

The two have been sparring for a while now over child support and the New York home that burned down recently.

Last month a Fort Dix mansion owned by 50, and occupied by Tompkins and their son, burned down. Police called the blaze suspicious and are investigating the situation. A gas container was later found near the burned debris.

Tompkins and her son escaped unharmed but she lashed out against 50 claiming he was responsible.Fif denied the charges and a lawyer for the rapper stated he hasn’t been able to see his son since the fire.

A New York judge ruled 50 must hold onto the Long Island property while he and Tompkins go through their legal battle.

The rapper attempted to secure money from Tompkins for living in the home and threatened to evict her if she failed to pay. She alleged the rapper is “obsessed” with her and threatened to kill her. A lawyer for 50, however, denied the allegations.---Anthony Thomas.