50 Cent's back it. The G-Unit top dog has set his aim on T.I. now. Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo previewed tracks from the new G-Unit album last night in New York, sans Fif who was filming a movie, and one track in particular raised eyebrows. On "You So Tough," Fif locks in on Tip and spits: "Nowadays this rap shit ain't adding up/ How niggas get caught with 10 machine guns, only get 12 months?" Expect to hear Shawty Lo on the remix!

They don't call him Iron Mike for nothing. According to the New York Daily News, a government witness testified yesterday that Mike Tyson contributed $50,000 to contract killers to put a hit on Brooklyn gang members that murdered his bodyguard. Another man also put up $50,000 the newspaper is reporting. Tyson's bodyguard, Daryl "Hommo" Baum, was alleged to have been the shooter behind the plot to kill 50 Cent prior to his successful music career. [NY Daily News]

Big Boi is set to put out his first proper solo album, but the Atlanta rapper is never too far removed from his partner in rhyme. Andre 3000 will supply his OutKast group member with beats for Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. "He has a couple beats for me,but right now he's in Japan working on his clothing line" Big explained. "So when he gets back, if time permits, we'll get on that. But we gonna record those songs anyway. He's done more than enough that's needed right now." [MTV News]