50 Cent Ordered To Hold Onto Long Island Home That Burned Down And More In “The Roundup”

50 Cent has a thing for selling units–there was that whole SoundScan battle with Kanye and all–but a New York judge ordered the G-Unit general to hold onto his Long Island property that succumbed to flames recently. New York State Supreme Court Justice Carol Edmead ruled Fif must put in insurance monies from the fire into a trust account pending the outcome of his legal dispute with his child’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins. [ABC News]

Diddy got into a fender bender last Friday with a man who was later charged for Driving Under the Influence. The accident occurred in New York when Charles Lorenzo dinged Diddy’s Maybach in front of 1Oak. When police arrived Lorenzo was passed out, face down on the pavement. [TMZ]

Lil Wayne runs laps around MCs, but the New Orleans rapper hasn’t been able to put any distance between him and a lawsuit over work done to a Bentley of his. Allegedly, Weezy F. ordered Le Marck de Andre and his firm to customize his Bentley Arnage. The rapper, according to a previous suit, failed to compensate for the work. Now a new lawsuit has been filed seeking over $100,000 from the lyricist in addition to $200 per day until a settlement is reached. [AHH]XXL staff

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  • john

    first bitchess!!!!

  • 4Life


    Fuck 50 cent, Fuck lil wayne….thats the wrong kinda hip hop…cop Nas, Common, or Lupe Fiasco

    • http://www.urbanmagnitude.com/ Contra

      truss i agreee wit you but they gots to make their money too. I respect artist that are creative tho, like Kanye West and Rick Ross they keep it entertaining and relate to the streets, although Kanye can be alil out there sometimes…lol, but u right tho.

    • 4Lyfe

      You mean Fuck fifty, fuck nas…. thats the wrong kinda hip hop…cop Weezy, Rick Ross, Or Crooked I

  • big skiz

    fuq you you dont know shit about rap youre juust a hater. first, first my nuts little bitch. i bet you got some of fifs and waynes cds. fuqin honkey

  • big skiz

    oh by the way, what are you doin in the xxl website shouldnt you be lookin at rolling stone or some other rock garbage magazine. hater 4 life

  • chad bro chill

    i hope 50 loses alot of money but it still wont even put a dent in his bank account…. u make alot of money from being a complete sell out
    diddy probly sang a song and put the dude to sleep face down
    and who gives a shit about lil wangs car

  • mello

    who is this “4life” guy anywho? dis mofo ain’t doin shyt 4 hip-hop! hope dis fool dies twice. . .and really i don’t care bout the personal bullshyt dat happens 2 these rappers! half of it is neva the real story or tha truth for dat matta. they all got money and make hit records. holla back

  • G-unit

    fuck lupe fiasco hes shit as fuck
    all bwt 50cent G-unit the game is stil sick even if he ent in G-unit his tunes are big he shud join G-unit again n fuck nas hes bollacks aswel hes had 1 good tune n thts i know i can n lil wayne is alryt aswel. holla