Xzibit’s Ten-Day Old Son Suddenly Dies

Xzibit suffered a painful lost over the holiday weekend as his newborn son passed away just 10 days after he was born prematurely.The rapper broke the news himself on his MySpace blog. He wrote that he shared good times with his fans in a public manner, so he would share the news of his son, Xavier Joiner, as well. His son died from lung complications, X explained.

“I am telling you this because of the same reason I tell you when I’m having great times, life is too short to be fake,” he wrote. “Hold on to your kids, if you have them. Protect them and show them you love them everyday you wake up and see them. Don’t take a second you get to hug them, teach them, and care for them, for granted. You can have all the material wealth in the universe, but it is NOTHING compared to having your family.”

The rapper was seen as a doting father to another son of his on an episode of MTV Cribs. X was also often pictured with his child. His newborn, Xavier Joiner was born May 15 and passed May 26.--Jayson Rodriguez

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  • jonathan

    yo you mofuckas is so funny! i swear! how do i have a family with being tortured nonstop for a year and a half! how do I have a family with you mofuckas getting every trick I ever slept with and making sure your there with them to steal my wealth! the shit is so hillarious with you niggas! I swear to GOD this cant be life! its beyond out rageous! i curse the day I ever met any of these broads and any of you rap mofuckas! seriously! this shit is like the never ending story with you idiots doing all the dirty work for these mofuckas you understand! its like how fucking low can u get for some dollars! seriously!

    • jonathan is a bitch

      Yo, you should shut the fuck up with your absurdist bullshit. You’re a piece of shit. Man just lost his newborn, show some respect and take your incoherent doodles somewhere else.

    • junior

      Jonathan you need Jesus ASAP the world is actually scared of people like you.. Go drink a red bull gets some damn wings and fly your crazy nutso ass to Mars I heard they got water up there. You’ll be aight

  • dozer000

    Sorry for your loss CUZ
    keep your head up X TO THE Z

    RIP Xavier Joiner

  • http://yahoo CaesarDuke

    RIP Xavier Joiner and I will be praying for you in yo time of briefment

  • wadup

    jonathon shut ur mouth u speakin nonsense.

  • 45sanjose

    jonathan is as fuckin moron. enough said…

    My blessing and condolences are with X and his fam as a fan and a human bieng im extremely sad to hear this news.. one

  • WiSEone

    Someone needs to put a DICK in Jonathan’s ASS and mouth so he’d SHUT the FUCK UP!! Stay strong X.

  • Bsole

    Jonita u son of a bitch bi-polar herpie havin dude just cuz a bitch wont sleep wit u cuz u got bumps on ur dick main I swear kill urself bro…..R.I.P. Xavier Joiner I feel for u X much love my dude Stay Strong

  • Bsole

    Jonita u son of a bitch bi-polar herpie havin dude just cuz a bitch wont sleep wit u cuz u got bumps on ur dick main I swear kill urself bro…..R.I.P. Xavier Joiner I feel for u X much love my dude Stay Strong …..

  • non_fiktion

    Jonathan go yo hell u bitch!


    rip to your son

  • Rednose pit bull

    All you pussys on here do is run your mouth about shit you know nothing about so just shut the fuck up

    • ill G

      but wait…you’re on here too. So i guess ur talkin bout yaself. hey dont get mad, if the shoe fits…….

  • E-man

    Stay strong X


    I home jonathan gets merked.

    Can you imagine having your newborn son die? Think about it. Its probably the worst thing ever. Stay Up Xzibit

  • Krazy

    I feel ur pain X

    TIP Xavier Joiner

  • http://googler phoenician

    My Blessings to you and your family X. The world is a cruel place and some have been so desensitized to death. I am happy to see that a real rapper has expressed himself in the lite of reality, rather than in this “gangsta paradise” that all these other fools are living in. Keep it real because we need more men like X to express the importance of life, educate and liberty.

  • Ace

    I come to pay my respects I got a seed on the way now and I pray every night that my baby is born with no complications. I had wrote some shit about Jonathan but his ignorant ass comment shouldn’t steal the emotion we are feeling for X’s loss. My prayers go out 2 all…


    keep your head up X!

  • http://at&t q-storm

    Yo X, Me and my wife send our condolences 2 u and your family. We will keep u in our prayers. Hold your Head

  • chad bro chill

    im really sorry to hear it X keep the faith even when it’s all you got

  • Hannibal DA Monsta

    I lost one too homie, I know how ya feel, keep ya head up and God first, you will make it through, Much love big homie.

  • Three4

    R.I.P. Xavier Joiner…losing a family member is the worst thing that can happen 2 u. Keep your head up X.

  • Irish

    B strong X. I can’t imagine the feeling. I got two sons myself and they’re my motivation and my reason to get up every morning to get this money. I’ve been listenin to X ever since he made ‘foundation’ and everytime I hear that I think about my kids. Much respect to Xzibit.

  • ride my pimp

    damn i hate to hear shit like this. my condolences X.

  • Johnathan Muhammad

    Peace X! I enjoy and respect your music, and upon hearing your unfortunate news, I empathize with you and your family! Please take the time out to read Surah 76 in the Holy
    Quran! Bless the Family

  • Vicious Seiger

    I’m sorry for your loss, X. No father should have to bury his son. You have my sympathy and prayers.

  • Obitonye

    My prayers to X.

  • C-LOVE


  • mpya

    Condolences to you and your family.

    jonathan must read what he wrote and then pretend its smene else.
    then tell us how you would feel if some one had the same attitude you have towards you.?

    mpya from south africa

    i love you son.

    remember the energy you give out is the same energy u get back.

    maybe the problem is yu.
    read what you just wrote and think about it.


  • Alvin Joiner

    nigga X is a fag