T.I. First Rapper To Be Revealed On MTV’s Hottest MCs List

T.I. has been named the 10th Hottest MC in the game right now, according to MTV News. The network kicked off their 2008 edition of their roundtable discussion “Hottest MCs” by teasing the number 10 spot online.

The show, which will rank rappers one through 10, debuts this Friday at 10pm on MTV. Tip pulls in at a number 10 ranking despite having not released much material. The rapper and rising actor also suffered through legal battles, notably his arrest for purchasing illegal firearms. T.I. is a convicted felon and under Georgia state law is not permitted to purchase guns.

Despite his ordeals, T.I. was able to notch the last spot, slipping in where Jim Jones landed last year, surprising many.”Hurt,” from his T.I. vs T.I.P, was still on the radar and the rapper’s first single from the forthcoming Paper Trail, “No Matter What” leaked just in time to help T.I.’s case. T.I.’s vested interest in the Web site streetcred.com and his verses to remixes by Rocko (“Umma Do Me”) and Lupe Fiasco (“Superstar”) also boosted his appeal. -Rodrigo Lopez

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  • Its Watever

    T.I.P. The true King of Rap/Hip-Hop

    • P




  • http://wgershyeshj 50 cent

    yall mutha fuckers wack 4 locken him up yall need 2 go n suck a dick bitches………..

    • MOE


      • real hip hop

        its for the majority of white people who are rap wannabes and have no idea of what hip hop is

  • http://wgershyeshj 50 cent

    yall mutha fuckers wack 4 locken him up yall need 2 go n suck a dick bitches………..

  • http://wgershyeshj 50 cent

    yall mutha fuckers wack 4 locken him up yall need 2 go n suck a dick bitches………..

  • EReal

    Fuck First and Fuck that Snitch T.I. he’s donkey balls!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Spence

    Take notice Shawty no no. Tip ranked 10 while on home monitor and still the man. You ranked 100,000,000 . get your mind right. Bmore stand up.

  • http://www.dancehallreggae.com Gunz4Sale

    Even though this MTV’s Hottest MCs List is overrated with those fake ass judges, TI worth being higher than 10. By the way, Lil wayne is overrated like fuck. Lyrically and delivery, lupe got that shit.

  • GeorgiaAD

    Tip at number 10 thats some bs. There are not 9 current mc’s better or hotter than tip. I see now the list is going to be some bs.

    • EReal

      Once again, its not ABILITY or TECHNIQUE, its how “HOT” or “RELEVENT” you are at this point in time in the game.

    • King B

      You can’t be serious when you said that…I can name 15 mc’s better or “hotter” than TI

  • http://www.google.se stockholm


    i can name 20 better then him, he should be happy to even be on the LIst.

  • big skiz

    cnsidering theres no good rappers AT ALL nowadays. this dude is garbage dr seus rhymes. my kids can rap better than this weak ass anorexic fake ass wannabe g. aye pie my lie then die why cause om t.i.

    • Souf Cakalak

      u dumb ass fagget! respect da KING homie!

  • big skiz

    compare to THE LAME yeah i guess. compare him to cube tho. wayne. fat joe. this punk is trash. vanilla ice can rap better than this bitch. man i miss rap. and hip hop. white people fuq everything up…..

    • Easy

      White people fuck everything up? Eminem was one of the last rappers to make meaningful music that sold…blame the rappers who don’t give a shit about the rap game and only care about ring tones. Stop pullin the race card when its not needed big skiz, it takes away from a good post

      • http://bones_42@hotmail.com Doobie42

        hold up b. there be a lot of white teenage girls buyin albums that don’t deserve to be bought. but don’t play that shit. young niggas today do the same thing. they don’t know a damn thing bout real shit. FUCK WAYNE. And Andre the real king of the south.

        • Easy

          Yo doobie42, I agree with you straight up, white people and black people making bad decisions about what to contribute their money to. My only thang was the fact that big skiz strictly called out white people like they the only ones responsible for fuckin up the game. Some white people fuck up the game, some black people fuck up the game. Don’t single out a group when they not the only ones fuckin up, its been a combination of things.

    • metal24

      your welcome dawg!!!!

  • T-Bone

    There is no stopping kanye west and lupe. this year was a big break outr year 4 him as far as main stream is concerned. And can yall niggas please stop wearing “Free T.I.” t- shirts he did the crime so now he has 2 face the consequences

  • Jr

    TIP at 10 mane these bitches continue to hate the south. How the King of the South ranked 10 this list gonna be pure wack.

    • Be a Nigger Too

      You do realize that Lil Wayne was number 1 last year right? Damn you southerners act like bitches, always think someone is hating on em.

  • http://www.allwiseproductions.com Stack on Deck

    Thas bs….TI kilt that verse on teh Superstar remix….TI is def in the top 5….MTV yall trippin…

    I bet common on talib wont be in the top 1o either….its a shame that those that can REALLY rap always get overlooked b/c of record sales or “pop” ness

  • Da Changeman

    First off, ok I like T.I. took him like 3 albums to do it. He can flow but let me say this fuckin clearly he is nice, but he ain’t no Jay-z, nas, Eminem, Grafh, Papoose or Talibl Kweli, so i think his ass should be put at number 7 or 6. Like i said he nice, but lets not get cared away. Especially when all he do is talk about the same shit like all the other southern rappers. Boring zzzz. That’s why im waiting on that Detox, King Mathers, Nigger & Carter III(if wayne can put the cup down & finally make it happen).

  • Rockcity

    LOL @ TI being the king of hip hop but uh y all the crying and shit?????? He shouldn’t have been on the list anyway My fuckin Aunt raps better than him, no bullshit but why do they make these list anyway, it really is an insult to real Hip Hop heads like me.

  • kings

    i CAN understand why mtv giving TI this spot bec of his prison time, shit. that s his problem for buying big gun for wat, if bec of wat someone did made them in the spot people didn’t feel it. not to be controvesy over this. we should be honest in this ish. one

  • moresickaMC

    they need to put crooked i on there

  • moresickaMC

    He hasnt been in the game a year…so it makes sense. They should put Busta on there,Papoose,Talib

  • Buck Marley

    ight i’ll take that shit.
    it dont matter the 4 best lyricists ever:

  • http://www.myspace.com/ti ineedmoney

    remy ma more gangsta den dis nigga….shiiiiit if niggas only get 8 years for killin a muthafucka….i”l go on a killin spree…i shot da sherriff and da muthafuckn deputy…test me

  • Trickdd

    Lol At all People sayn Pappose are you fuckin kiding me Pappose?!?! Who the fuck is Pappose to be on the Top Ten Hottest Mc’s Hahaha Tell the nigga to drop a cd so that shit can just flop that nigga aint got no buzz Nas yea Jay-Z yea but Pappose Lol yall most not be getting the point of this whole top ten list

  • prakash

    TI, should still be on the list.

    remember, this is the “hottest mc’s” AKA the most popular MC’s out on MTV/BET and radio.

    besides, TI, is probably the best hip hop commercial songwriter in hip hop aside from fiddy cent

  • Kris

    Tha South is runnin hiphop rite now! Andre 3stacks should definitely b #1 on tha list, who cares about 10 Dre is 1-9!!!!

  • Nick

    T.I. hasnt had any new releases and still in the top 10

    Thats a true rapper

    By the way his newest song is the shit


    Lupe “Best Lyricist Alive” Fiasco >>> TI >> 50 >> The Whole Fucking List.

    Who Disagrees? Prove Me Wrong

    • EReal

      Lupe Fagsco the “best lyricist alive?? ROFL!

      Did Nas die? Did Em die? LOL!!!! I can name 10 LYRICISTS better then fagsco.

      Two Words for you homie,

      HipHop Weekly.

  • Trickdd

    I Disagree, the best lyricist alive gots buzz everywhere North, East, West, And the South.With Lupe everybody dont realate to what Lupe talks about he on that skateboard shit dont get me wrong hes a good artist even though I dont fuck with his music. He aint got anough years in the rap game to be considerd the best alive to have that crown in my book you had to be rapping before 2000 he hasnt been in the game long anough. To even think Lupe is on the same level as Eminem is just crazy man Lupe aint no DMX,Jay-Z,Nas,Snoop,Method Man,Red Man, he gots to be in the game a little bit longer to be fucking with any of these artist

  • Real Recognize Real

    2 to 10??? get da fuck outta here…its not that many thats hotter than Tip in the game right now…..He’s really around 2 or 3

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=21474 Zone6Boi

    man yall lame as hel shawty, name a song that t.i. ever half on his music *shawty went the whole way on ALL his songs got damn* There a couple of rappers out there better then him but i think t.i. should be ranked as atleast # 4,5 (have yall heard “no matter what” by t.i.??) his best song ever and he speakz on his lyrics and yall northern folkz can actually listen to a southern nukka like him and his lyrics so get real and STOP THE FLEXIN SHAWTY!!!!!

  • Easy

    Trickdd, in the words of Lupe’s man Jay, do you listen to music or just skim through it? Lupe ain’t a “skateboard rapper” as a bunch of fake ass rap fans think. If you actually LISTENED to Kick Push, which it doesn’t sound like you did, it was a metaphor for your own personal hustle. Lupe puts out intelligent rap about social issues, I suppose you think Gotta Eat is really about fast food. That is if you even listened to “The Cool”, which went gold. If you haven’t listened to The Cool, please don’t speak on how hot or cold Lupe is at the moment, cause shits straight fire.

    • Dickrider Hater

      Damn did Lupe nutt yet from all your suckin off?

      Maybe its straight fire if you’re a pussy ass dickridin cracker. lmao!

      Quit jugglin balls or join the circus nigga damn!!!

      • Easy

        I ain’t suckin lupe off, i could name 5 other rappers that are hotter right now. Just sick of mainstream bullshit that only addresses drugs, money, and how icy a dude is. why you gotta be a pussy or a cracker to listen to rap that addresses meaningful shit?


    I am so sick of these list the BEST DIED with PAC, Jay is the Closest we hand since PAC. Everyone else is purely mediocre at best! PAC was the best because he had lyrical bi-polar, he could make music for everyone. Gangsta, Thug, Broke, Rich, Moms,Pops, White, Black. Look at the depth of his catalog From “wonder y we call you a b*tch, to my ambition as a ryda, to brenda got a baby, to Craddle to the grave, to keep your head up, I get around, Cali Love, white man’s world and the list goes on and on!!!!! THE BEST EVER!!! Biggie had a better flow and delivery but PAC was the best. Biggie was a close second but didn’t have the range of pac to touch a wide range of issues!!!!



  • Trickdd

    I told you I don’t listen to Lupes music. what you think im lien?!?!? like I sayd though hes a good artist but he aint got what you need to be the best

    • Easy

      you said you didn’t listen to him, and thats why i thought it was cold to diss a mc without listening to their shit. At least give dude a chance before sayin he don’t have what it takes to be the best.

  • keith


  • Trickdd

    Lupe don’t connect with anough people to be the best he goes for the white fans and the geeks/skateboarders and he does that good but for that grimy ass Hip-Hop shit that gangsta shit that you can work out to are ride to make some money shit Lupe aint got that. What do think Hip-Hop is about? I can tell you that its about real life shit you lived the pain you ben threw shit you had to do when you didnt want to but you had to thats why you he rappers talking about Drugs,Cars,Girls,And money that is Hip-Hop I mean if you dont wanna hear about that shit I would advise you not to listen to Hip-Hop then