They went from Memphis to Hollywood and now Three 6 Mafia is heading oversees. DJ Paul and Juicy J are set to embark on their first trip across the Atlantic and the duo will check in exclusively with each week to document their travels. Check in next week for their first update. 

In the meantime, Three 6 will appear tomorrow night on an episode of Numb3rs on CBS.

Paul and Juicy will play an unnamed rap group comprising of members Hunter and Roland. The group will perform the new Three 6 Mafia single “Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)” from their forthcoming album, Last 2 Walk, due June 24.

“We’re onstage and a fight breaks out, I leave out the stage and I get shot,” Juicy told “Man, they just told me they want me to do it. You get shot. I was like, whatever.”

Juicy and Paul won’t be able to catch their network television debut, however, as the two are scheduled to arrive in Berlin on Friday for a performance followed by shows over the weekend in Amsterdam and Himmelforn, Germany.

The video for “Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)” has just been added to rotation on BET and MTV–Jayson Rodriguez

To see a clip of Three 6 Mafia preparing for their appearance on Numb3rs, click below.