Plies is nothing if not hard working. The Florida rapper just finished recording his sophomore project, Definition of Real, due June 10th, and already has a date marked on the calendar for his third release, The Realest, set to hit shelves December 16th. His latest records, "Who Hotter Than Me" and "Bust It Baby Pt. 2" are getting love in the streets and the radio. According to the Fort Myers goon, his new album won't vary much from his Gold-certified debut. "I'm the same dude before I made The Real Testament, so I guess my mentality and my mind state is pretty much 85 percent the same," he said. "Now I've kind of learned a little bit more that comes with being successful. To diversify my music and still give you the female looks. "I tell people all the time, I'm not mad all the time," Plies continued. "I have interests toward women, I have interests in cats that's locked....With this [new] album, the formula is the same." Two new tracks from Definition of Real that Plies is particularly fond of are "One Day" and "Die Together." The latter is dedicated to his brother who's currently incarcerated. "Musically, I'm cool with everything, "Plies explained. "But I don't wake up everyday happy to be a part of it. Because there's so much real stuff in my life everyday that affects me and means more to me everyday." In addition to his brother's situation, Plies is also dealing with is grandmother's illness; she's currently on dialysis. In the meantime, Plies said he continues to work and hopes to stay on top as long as he can. "I'm a part of a culture where they only allow you to win for so long, at some point, just like with the Bulls and the Yankes, people don't even know why they want you to lose, they just do. Like with the Patriots, why wouldn't you want them to be 19-0? You would be a part of history. But just because they dominated one particular area of life, people just weren't cool with that. To me that's weird, how can you dislike someone that's good? I thought you were suppose to disllke someone because they're bad? Like, get out of here. But how do you dislike people for being at the top of their game?"