A Maryland judge has vacated a $1.5 million dollar defamation suit that was awarded to a woman after DMX claimed in a magazine interview that she raped him.According to the Associated Press, Judge Thomas Smith ruled X was not properly served with court papers and was unaware of the case filed against him by Monique Wayne. Wayne says she had consensual sex with DMX in 2003 that resulted in a pregnancy. She gave birth to a boy in April 2004 and DNA test proved X to be the father.In an October 2006 interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, however, X alleged Wayne raped him. He did not mention her by name, but it was enough for her to file a lawsuit and apparently win until Smith's ruling. Wayne has never been charged with sexual assault by DMX."She raped me," X told the magazine. "That might sound like some bullshit, but is that the only thing in the world that's not possible? Because when I sleep, my penis be out. DNA says it is my child. I don't know. If I did have sex with her I would remember. It ain't like she ain't a pretty girl."DMX also faces criminal charges in Arizona for animal cruelty and felony drug possession. The rapper was arrested twice in the state in a span of a week. He pleaded not guilty last week to all charges.-Jayson Rodriguez