Ex-Lover To Testify Against Kelly In Sex Tape Trial

An unidentified woman is set to testify she engaged in sexual activity with R.Kelly and an underaged female, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The woman’s testimony was among the items discussed in secret hearings last year, the newspaper reported over the weekend. The judge in the case, Vincent Gaughan, will allow the testimony from the woman. “She was involved in a threesome with [the girl] and R. Kelly,” a source said. The underaged girl is at the center of the case. She was the young female allegedly in the infamous sex tape with the R&B superstar; she’s now in her ’20s. Kelly was charged with a number of child pornography counts in 2002 when video tapes of the singer participating in lewd acts with what looked like minors surfaced. Jury selection of the often-delayed case begins this Friday. If found guilty, Kelly could face up to 15 years in prison.

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  • Maddolies






    • BIGNAT

      wait i don’t know what happened with turk and the rest should be let go. on the other hand big lurch didn’t he eat a chicks liver or some shit. he is like the black hannibal lecter keep that man off the streets.
      like it was said in the boondocks if she didn’t wanna be peed on she would have moved. i don’t know about you but she saw pee and she stayed i see pee and i move. also so what he peed on the chick did he fuck her? i don’t remember anyone saying he fucked her he peed on the young chick then fucked the older women.

      • ill G

        dawg whats this “i dont remember stuff” just watch the tape im sure everyone has seen the damn tape he fucked her he peed on her he fuckin molested the bitch lol nah but if this was another country, it wouldnt even be a crime…but its america…yea i agree she was underage(15 i think it was) now …when i was 15 i knew what i was doin she knew what she was doin leave the man alone

    • geek


  • bulletbullet

    R kelly is going down and he deserves it leave them kids alone.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Lkay

    When r.kelly going to jail and first

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    “She was involved in a threesome with [the girl] and R. Kelly,” Sounds like an accessory to statutory rape to me. She needs to be charged as well.

    • ill G

      thats prolly why she is co-operating..so she dont get charged lol…its fucked up but he is GONE they got him on tape fuckin a little girl its over RRUH

  • kingequality

    about time this niggas trial gona officially begin he been free fucking up alot of young sisters live for a minute youngings do be going after older dudes so they can ball them out buy them new nike and other dumb shit I guess your soul aint worth shit nowadays

  • Billy

    leave kelly alone… Dammit

  • Jazz Man

    Well I don’t know about ya’ll, but if she is going to testify (unless she has been given a deal) she would be doing 15 years also. But for future reference, please stop putting this news on here until we have a verdict. It seems like they have been putting this off for almost a decade now. Now if it were someone without money, we would have known within a couple of hours.

  • Ms Hazel

    Raise your kids the best you can by teaching them that this behavior is WRONG. For the little boys-let them know that having sex with girls that are underage will land them in jail and is not worth the hassle. If he really wants to be with her on that level, wait until the law says it ok. For girls, let them know that even though their bodies may be that of a woman, they aren’t women in the eyes of the law until they are 18 years old; not 17 3/4 or 17 and 364 days. This is NOT a game. Kelly should be punished if he in fact did this but these girls need to be held accountable as well. Just because they are females doesn’t mean that they can twerk their little booties for these older men with no consequences.

    • Mista WANG

      im so feelin wat u sayin Ms Hazel

      preach on fo real

  • afafaf

    What about Ed Lover???

  • Snakeyez

    Fuck R. Kelly. Don’t get me wrong he makes great music but he also makes utterly idiotic choices that deserve to be punished by the penal system to it’s furthest extent. He falls in the same category as Michael Vick and Mystikal to me; the too dumb to be rich. Why on earth would you make not only the morally questionable descision to tape sex with underage girls but then on top of that seal your own fate by taping it. I simply have no tolerance for bullshit and that is what he is guilty of so I hope they finally nail his punk ass to the cross.

  • LOL

    R.Kelly mask slash Michael Jackson glove, yeah I rape them kids, go to court slap the Judge – Cam’ron


    man… put dat nigga in jail already!!!

  • Trickdd

    Like Dave Chappel sayd I don’t no about yall but shit when I was 15 I new better than letting anybody pee on me again this goes back to the parents of the young girl

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me if you like what you hear thanks.



  • corbin

    child molester
    if that was your kid or little sister , or girlfriend would you defend this creep
    put him in a cage for life
    let the inmates take turns on him

  • NYG

    leave this dude alone already
    so what the nigga pissed on some little girl it’s done with
    maybe she wanted the piss, ever think of that? maybe she told r kells that if he didn’t piss on her then she’d tell the cops that they banged

  • C-Hawk

    FREE BIG LURCH??? let em free that nigga in your neighborhood… I don’t need a nigga who’s gonna eat my liver, with a damn kianti on the side…

  • Trickdd

    BIG LURCH Is one crazy ass man nigga be on that dust now that nigga I think deserves to be locked up about 3 4 years so he can get his head clear and don’t fuck with the shit no more. And like I sayd about Kells he didn’t rape the girl are anything so all you sayn if that was your daughter you would be mad don’t make any sense I would be mad at her more than R Kelly shit all the girls the man can get you think he needs a 15 year old haha please it was her fault more than anybodys its her own life and if Kells get anytime its bullshit when your 15 you aint a fucking kid no more if she was under 10 that would be a differnt story but she look’t and act like and adult so its her fault. It aint like R Kellys a child mollester that goes around looking for 10 year olds calm the fuck down shes a fifteen year old girl that gots shity parents and don’t have anybody to direct her in life she sat there and fuckt him tape it then whent to the cops what a fucking Dum bitch she should get time for doing that to somebody if you ask me.

  • King B

    His ass goin down he done fucked up now

  • bulletbullet

    R.Kelly mask slash Michael Jackson glove, yeah I rape them kids, go to court slap the Judge – Cam’ron

    hahajha damn i forgot about that line for a minute

  • milo

    seriously he should be punished somehow..whether its gonna be like sending him into jail or w.e.
    you know this is really disappointing cuz i luv his music..

  • t-bone

    ive been with many girls, some virgin and some hoes but that girl looked like a pro and didn’t she lie and say she was 19

  • carbucket

    First…HAHA R.Kelly is a CHOMO. He is a peder ass. Even though he pees on minors I cant help but to keep buying his albums. Does that mean that I support CHOMO’s?

  • Enoch

    That’s right Nigga


    but R kelly is a satanists

    He practicing satanic ritual abuse on these girls.. Look it up.