Bun B's been known to work with an artist or two. Back in 2005, during his "Free Pimp C" campaign, the underground king was among hip-hop's most sought-after guest MCs -working with everyone from Beyonce Knowles to Little Brother. But, "That's Gangsta," II Trill's lead single featuring teen sensation Sean Kingston, caught some by surprise.

“Well, it’s not like I said, 'I’ma just do a song with Sean Kingston,'” Bun explained. “When I got the track, he was already on the track. I got the track from J.R. Rotem and he’s J.R.’s artist. I didn’t see the need to put anybody else on that record. I didn’t look at it like it’s a kiddie style. I don’t look at the world like that. I heard [a record] where he was already singing on it. I didn’t see a problem with it.”

The brow-raising single did see minor problems, though. Unable to get some legs under the song's video in time for II Trill's initial release date, Bun decide to push the album back. “We pushed it back to allow the video some time to play,” Bun told XXLMag.com. “By the time the video came out and started running , it was gon be when the album was coming out and we needed at least a two or three weeks burn of the video to get some awareness.” --Carl Chery