Foxy Brown Lawyer Says Court Officials Made Error

A lawyer for Foxy Brown cleared up a misunderstanding with a Brooklyn Criminal Court judge who issued a bench warrant earlier today for the female rapper.

TMZ reported Foxy failed to appear in court this morning and as a result she was a wanted woman. But the celebrity tabloid Web site spoke to the Don Diva’s lawyer who stated her client’s case was delayed until May 8.

The court agreed to postponed the case but, according to Laura Dilimetin, court officials failed to update their records. When they realized the mistake, she said, the bench warrant was recalled. Foxy presently faces assault and weapons charges stemming from an incident in which she allegedly hit a Brooklyn woman with her BlackBerry phone device. –Jayson Rodriguez

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  • Smashone a.k.a The God

    Damn Fox get it together……what the fuck?…..I really think she be doing this shit on purpose for publicity..

  • OmegaSun73

    dumbest bitch alive

  • Big Nick Digga

    maybe she just LIKES being incarcerated. aint no telling what went on after lights out.

  • Just Extra

    This dunb washed-up has-been will do anything for publicity & promotion!
    Grow the fuck up Foxy Clown!
    Seriously, you havn’t even had a hit since the 90′s when Jay-Z & Nas were ghostwriting your shit!
    Either make music or go sit the fuck down in a corner somewhere or something.
    You have got to be the dumbest bitch I know !!!…..Oh wait…

    It’s a draw I guess…. You & RemyMAN have got to be the dumbest bitches I’ve seen!



  • Lancelot

    wow -


    they need 2 just lock da bitch up 4 a couple years and maybe dat shit will wake her stupid ass up!!!

  • Her Career Is Done

    She a dumb beezy…

    Sniffin that yayo… Or trying to get more ratings for a reality bomb tv drive

  • Mista WANG

    who gives a fuck bout her

    she stupid so leave it at dat….tired of hearin bout her…..yall aint got nothin else to talk about

  • HU

    Lock her ass up for 5 years for that shit. There’s something very wrong with this chick, actually it wouldn’t be misogynist to say bitch, she is a bitch.

  • Pierzy

    Let me put her under house arrest…I’ll take care of her!

  • Vicious Seiger

    I guess if you like ladies who rap the hottest ticket in NYC will be at that new spot… I think it’s called Rikers. Foxy you sure no how to keep it real. Any one else would chill out but not you… you got time to make up. The streets been needing you and that deep voice flow of yours and all those hip hop quotables. Foxy you are the original hard body. Keep keeping it real maybe if you’re lucky somebody will shank you couple times and you can make a song about it or the guards can run a train on you and then you can have them around your little finger. Foxy is the Realest B!tch Ever. And with you and Remy in the Pen together it’s On, Lil’ Kim won’t know what to do. Foxy, I need a B!tch as real as you in my life. Will you marry me so we can be like Papoose and Remy?

    PS – Don’t go into protective custody you need to run the streets from Gen Pop where everybody knows not to F’ with Fox Boogie.
    By the way Remy said do you like Jelly or Syrup with your Salad?

  • calico


  • calico
  • T-Gutta

    It was an Error! An Accident! Why are there so many of our people acting so Ignorant towards the situation just be glad its not you or your fam and keep it moving!1

  • Larry Brite

    “The court agreed to postponed the case but, according to Laura Dilimetin, court officials failed to update their records. When they realized the mistake, she said, the bench warrant was recalled.”

    That happens a lot actually, but when it rains it pours i guess

  • Worley

    All y’all hating ass ninjas gotta take that sh*t back. Don’t hate. Nothing ever comes of that.

  • Ghost Deini

    Put her back in jail so she won’t have headlines. So sick of this cunt.