Crooner Nate Dogg is alive and well, according to his manager. 

The former Death Row artist's MySpace page was hacked into over the weekend and a post was made saying Nate Dogg had passed. The singer suffered a stroke late last year and has been recovering in private since. 

"It"s a vicious rumor," Rod McCrew told "And it's run amok." 

There was also confusion initially when the singer was hospitilized after his ailment. Reports surfaced that Nate Dogg had a heart attack when instead he suffered a stroke. The singer at the time was paralyzed on the left side of his body  as a result, but McCrew said Nate Dogg's recovery has been going fine. 

"We're pleased with his progress," McGrew explained. 

During the aftermath of Nate Dogg's stroke, tabloid Web site TMZ posted audio of the 911 call that was made. McCrew chastised media outlets and bloggers for    continued interest in a private matter such as the phone call. 

"I'm not sure what people are trying to glean from that tape, " McCrew told MTV News. 

"I'm not in a situation to see who is doing what, but rather tending to Nate and making sure he gets back on track," he added. -Jayson Rodriguez