Los Angeles Judge Reinstates Biggie Smalls Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A Los Angeles judge reinstated a wrongful death suit filed by the family of The Notorious B.I.G. after an earlier decision claimed a prior lawsuit failed to meet a state-mandated deadline.

According to the Associated Press, an appeal made by the family was granted and the decision reversed.

Judge Florence-Marie Cooper of the U.S. District Court tossed out the lawsuit March 21 on grounds that the suit missed a state deadline on the case, which brought a claim against the city of Los Angeles and two former police officers. The suit was first brought up in superior court before it moved to the federal district.

Initially Judge Cooper gave the family 20 days to file a new lawsuit. But when the family failed to meet the deadline she threw out the lawsuit.

This lawsuit is the second filed by the family of The Notorious B.I.G. against the city of Los Angeles. In 2002 Voletta Wallace, Faith Evans and her two children filed a wrongful death suit and civil rights violation. The case ended in a mistrial. The judge in the case, however, has allowed the family to amend the suit because of more evidence that has been discovered.

The Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down in Los Angeles on March 9 after leaving a party thrown by VIBE magazine. His life will soon hit the big screen in a movie adaption of the book “Unbelievable: The Life, Death, and Afterlife of the Notorious B.I.G.”  Fellow Brooklyn rapper Gravy has been cast to play the Bad Boy emcee. –Jayson Rodriguez

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  • dark vanilla

    Hopefully I’m First. Good, now we can finally get at those stupid pigs that killed him.

  • http://myspace.com/yeahirap myspace.com/yeahirap

    LAPD got to love them cops always get away with murder it is a damn shame

  • Neven

    R.I.P. BIG ………. F.U.C.K. LAPD

  • gkid12345

    please God let us finally find the people/person that killed Big or at least let the po9 pay the bread to ms wallace and his kids that they deserve.

  • g rymes

    fat ass nigga look like he eatin a twinkie

  • http://facebook.com/teetee1011@hotmail.com Tenisha

    I cant wait until they find out who killed Biggie because It makes no sence that the LAPD is not working there ass off on this shit. I believe that they are full of shit and I also believe that the LAPD are sitting at there office brushing that shit off. I really hope that justice comes to Faith Evans and Ms.
    Voletta Wallace in sake of the whole family and his children. May God be with them

  • Big Poppa

    When is the trial going to start??

  • Justice

    This law suit needs to be in the hundreds of millions because biggie would have been up there along with puffy, jay-z and 50 in wealth terms if he had been alive today, propably even the richest one of them all!


    Justice, your so right looks to me like he made the way for them.KEEP IT rolling Ms.Wallace and Faith Evans Keep sticken it to them…………………NEVER GIVE UP KEEP THE >>>>>>>>DREAM<<<<<<<<!!!!!