Former Source Editor To Tell All In Revealing Book; Pep of Salt-N-Pepa Also To Release Memoirs

Kim Osorio, the first female editor-in-chief of The Source, is set to release a tell-all manuscript on her days at the helm of the once mighty magazine. “Straight From The Source: An Expose from the Former Editor of the Hip-Hop Bible” will chronicle her ups and downs at the magazine, which included infamous scandals caused by owners Dave Mays and Raymond “Benzino” Scott, as well as ones Osorio raised, according to the publisher.

In 2005, Osorio filed a multi-million dollar sexual discrimination lawsuit against the owners of The Source. Another female employee also filed suit. The women claimed the work environment included physical threats, sexual taunts and inappropriate gestures. Shortly after filing the suit, Osorio was dismissed from her post at the magazine. The owners claimed it was due to poor performance and accused Osorio of promiscuity. A judge, however, awarded Osorio a hefty payout after an 8-day trial that saw Benzino clash with the court official.

Pepa, the outspoken member of legendary hip-hop trio Salt-N-Pepa, is documenting her life in the music business and beyond with, “Let’s Talk About Pep.” The diary of the rapper will reveal the rise of the group, as well as Pepa’s personal demons. For the first time she will go in detail about her being sexually molested at a young age and physical abuse she suffered from as an adult.

“Straight From The Source: An Expose from the Former Editor of the Hip-Hop Bible” is due September 9 and “Let’s Talk About Pep” is due August 26. Both books will be released by Pocket/VH1 Books. -Jayson Rodriguez

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  • the brown

    Yo I don’t even care about this shit!

  • http://xxlmag,com the brown

    Yo! So let me get this straight, Pepa was the outspoken one? Oh yeah I remember her!

  • the brown

    Yo. So let me get this straight. Pepa was the outspoken one? Oh yeah I remember her!

  • slizzy

    You got people who say they don’t want the media in their private lives, then you got chics like these doing tell all books about being molested and sexually whatevered on the job…….. Fu** outta here!!!

  • niggafrrommemphis

    WOW!Now that’s somethin to talk about……….GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THIS BULLSHIIIIT!!!

  • armoney

    KO is an ill journalist. her features and articles @ are always worth reading and when she was running the source, that mag was poppin. after she left them niggas fell off and never got back.

  • geico lizard

    i always thought Kim O was sexy but pepa kind of looks like a man but she seemed like she was the freakiest out of salt and spinderella. i heard spinderella on tom joyner say she is single and going on the cruise to meet a regular guy to date.

  • mike

    I am Puerto Rican. The story of Kim Osorio is an intriguing one. But this is the same woman tha ran a magazine during the reign of Big Pun, and yet you never really seen a full cover of Big Pun during that time. Kim for me, your story is interesting, but you are not. I used to read that magazine, and really wonder why Puerto Ricans was not being represented correctly. So for Kim, continue to suck a dick, a diseased one at that, cause it’s not like our people is going to benefit, so what difference do it really make? What I’m trying to say is that when Kim was in power, she never gave a shit about her people. To make sure we get proper representation. How is you going to be part of a magazine, and yet during that whole time you never really represented the true sentiment of your people? Kim on some real shit, I waited years to say this. Boricuas stand the fuck up…..Kim play with a big one chula, cause on some real, fuck what your next project is, cause got some splaning to do, joo know what I mean mamita?

    • NoName


  • moresickaMC

    A Salt & Pepa memoir should be an interesting read

  • Ignacio Yount

    Do you know of released reminds me of one other related a single I just read some place else?

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