DMX Arrives Late To Court, Pleads Not Guilty To Drug and Animal Abuse Charges

Here we go again. DMX showed up late for a court hearing today in his drug and animal cruelty cases, but a judge overlooked the lapse as the rapper plead not guilty to charges, according to the Associated Press.Last week, the former Ruff Ryders star was arrested twice and indicted on a number of counts. He was charged with 11 counts overall, among them felony marijuana and paraphernalia possession and seven counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty.The animal cruelty charges stem from an August incident when police raided the Phoenix, Arizona home of DMX and found neglected pit bulls. The dogs were dehydrated and underfed. Three of the animals were found buried in his backyard.The rapper is due back in court July 2.-Jayson Rodriguez

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  • ?????

    Crackman X!!!!

  • Feedback


  • Devron Figgures

    Somebody really need to help this man we don’t need another black hip hop artist especially to at the hands of nigga who don’t care about him and want to see him do right and he need to take his ass back to Def Jam where his ass belongs.

  • Ser0 Mutha Fuckin Productionz

    PHX !!!!!!! FREE DMX!!!

  • niggafrommemphis

    Dmx can’t put that pipe down for nothin.

  • Nate

    As Much as I am DMX fan…. He really does deserve to do time, shit if Vick has to, DMX DEFINITLY should!!! Mite do him a world of good…

  • King B

    Damn well we’ll see how he’s gets off of this one

  • red420

    That is some backwards ass shit. How is weed the felony and animal cruelty a misdamenor.
    shows how backwards are court system is


    First thing is the dogs were not underfed.those dogs were well taking care off.y’all dont believe all that bullshit,dont y’all know by now that they lie.I know 4 a fact that those dogs were eatting bcuz i fed they ass everyday.if u down wit X stay down DONT LET SOME CROOKED COPS CHANGE HOW U FEEL BOUT HIM

  • Rednose pit bull

    Bullshit,he fought them dogs,period..if you fighting dogs,then how the fuck are you takeing care of them? theres alot more to takeing care of dogs other then feeding them..I like x music,but for what hes done to them animals i hope his ass gets locked the fuck up period

  • kenneth

    dmx love animal they lie on x man x we love you man make your life beeter man and your good music man make an rap on this shit man

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