Diddy Looks To Find The Next Great Rock Band, Lil Wayne Sued Again, Dilated Peoples Rapper Mistaken For Graf Vandal In “The Roundup”

Diddy tried to get his Led Zeppelin on a few years ago when he roped in Jimmy Page to appear on rock track, “Come With Me.” But now Diddy is sticking to what he knows best, letting the ones with the real talent do the job. The Bad Boy mogul is set to continue his tour with MTV’s “Making the Band,” but now the hip-hop exec will be searching for a rock troop to call his very own. [Variety]

Lil’ Wayne has been sued by a folk singer named Karma Ann Swanepoel over a sample the rapper used on his underground hit, “I Feel Like Dying.” The suit, filed in a Louisiana court, claims Weezy used the song without permission and has been making money performing the song on the road. According to a report, Universal Records and Swanepoel were negotiating the use of the sample but have been unable to work out a deal. [TMZ]

Worse came to worst: A notorious Los Angeles graffiti artist was arrested recently, however, newspaper articles and media outlets mistakenly ran images of rapper Evidence of Dilated Peoples instead of the perp. [LA Times]

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    • Caine

      Shit homey, if you CREATED somethin, and a mothafucka just jacks your shit and start profiting off of it, you would want your fair share too. Straight up!



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  • The Infamous Mr. P

    sampling period is wack…how can u consider urself a musician when all u have to do is add a drumbeat to someone else’s music. or an artist/writer when u dont even write ur own shit…doesnt that defeat the purpose…why am i paying for this shit…thats why ima start buying bootlegs…why support a rapper that cant even come up with his own shit…and how can we be so critical of someones music when we know its not original. dudes gettin paid off of music thats not even theirs to begin with. people are worried about hip hop being dead…shit originality is what died in my opinion.

  • http://www.myspace.com/alsween AlSween

    So it’s cool to not like what hip hop was built on. Sampling. if you don’t like sampling then you don’t like hip hop. and no it is not petty for the originator to sue over someone just looping their song and adding drums. it’d be different if it was chopped a lot.