A fire that an official is saying is "definitely suspicious" ravaged a Long Island mansion owned by 50 Cent this morning.

According to Newsday, six people who were inside the house were sent to the hospital as a result. Eyewitnesses said one of the persons sent to the emergency center was Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of 50's son, Marquise, 10.

50 and Tompkins werespotted arguing in the street only days before the fire set ablaze to the Long Island home. Footage of the fight appeared on TMZ earlier today. The couple have been going through litigation regarding their son and child support.

"He's obsessed," Tompkins told reporters gathered around her today about 50 Cent. "If he can't have me he feels like no one can. He's obsessed. He's very obsessed. We're in litigation, we're fighting over the house. He said he was gonna have someone come kill me and watch what he does. And look at what he did. And he has made no contact to even see how his song is doing. I'm very upset."

Tompkins claims she heard intruders near her home prior to learning her house was on fire. Representatives for 50 Cent, however, confirmed he was in Louisiana at the time of the blaze. He has made no comment regarding the incident.

The home was purchased by the G-Unit star in 2007 and currently one of the many things at the center of a lawsuit against him by Tompkins. The two have also been battling over child support payment levels. The rapper attempted to evict his child's mother from the $1.4 million-dollar house last month unless she ponied up $4,500 a month in rent to the wealthy entertainer.

Attorneys for both parties commented only briefly or weren't available for comment when contacted by the New York newspaper.

Police said the fire was reported at 5am Friday morning. Firefighters responded and the blaze caused officials to close a nearby highway.

"The fire was huge, I mean huge," a neighbor said. "I watched the whole fire from our pool. [The house] burned down to the ground."

The rapid movement of the flames raised suspicions among officials with the fire department.

"I would say there is a strong, a strong, strong possibility that it is suspicious," Dix Hills Fire Department Chief Larry Feld said.---Jayson Rodriguez