XXLBlockTalk Kicks Off Online Rap Battle

Got skills? Think so, then put your rhymes to the test in XXLBlocktalk.com’s first online rap battle, sponsored by Scion. Only 16 contestants will get to duke it out for the chance to be featured in XXL Magazine, have their song posted on XXLMag.com’s Bangers section and record a song to be used in a Scion promotional campaign throughout the year. The contestants will be picked by XXL editors. All battle hopefuls must sign up for a XXLBlockTalk artist page and submit an audio sample of their lyrics by May 25, a week before the battle is set to kick off on June 3rd. Click here for more information.

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  • Neven

    About time xxl caught up with everyone …………….

  • Kali 07

    Fuck XXL! all day, everyday. lol

  • DevilintheFlesh

    Im bout to win this motherfucka

  • http://www.mocospace.com/young63 young trap

    i well not losse ready for what eva bring it

  • http://xxl christian


  • http://xxl christian

    who are you you going to fucking win to

  • http://xxl christian

    you guys dont no how to rap b you siting on a tittac

  • Crank Crimson

    Lol at all yall XD