Treach of New Jersey based group Naughty By Nature, was stopped and questioned by police in Newark on Tuesday in connection with a nearby shooting incident. In the middle of what turned out to be one of the city’s most violent days yet this year, the rapper was detained by police after they received reports of gunshots on Newark’s West Runyon Street. According to the New York Times, the Naughty front man was driving erratically in his Hummer SUV and was found to be wearing a bulletproof vest. No weapon was found in the vehicle, although a pistol was reportedly recovered nearby on the street. Elsewhere in Newark on Tuesday, two young men shot and killed each other and five others were wounded in a string of violent incidents. Up until this week, Newark had enjoyed a relative calm, with only 16 homicides recorded so far for the year, as opposed to the 26 that the city had seen by this time last year.