He's churned out a breakout hit in "Crank Dat," his debut album is certified gold, and he's smack in the middle of the LeBron James/Deshawn Stevenson feud. Life as a supposed one-hit wonder is pretty good for Soulja Boy. But instead of relaxing, the teen rapper is getting busy preparing his sophomore album, Back to School. "Basically, it is really me taking it back to the basics," SB told MTV News. "It's time to start studying again. Make it happen, man. [By the] the time I drop the album, everybody is gonna be going back to school. My fans are 21 and under. That's what I'm focusing on." He's also focusing on his business acumen. He's going to crank out a line of shades based on the ones he wears in his videos and on stage. SB is also going into the sneaker biz with a line of kicks called Yums; there's also plans for a cartoon about him and his friends called Bad Little Homies." No date has been set yet for Soulja Boy's next album.