PREVIEW: T.I. Speaks with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

In his first interview since he entered guilty pleas on three federal weapons charges, T.I. takes responsibility for the life changing situation he found himself in, speaks about his spirituality, and describes the 24 hour period prior to his arrest.

Q. Who is T.I. — or Clifford Harris, Jr., now?

A. It’s hard to say because a lot of things are the same and a lot of things have changed. I still have a huge amount of passion for what I do. I still have a huge amount of passion for doing what I can for the community. I still have my foundation — remembering where I came from and principles that have been instilled in me. But at the same time I also have an acknowledgment of things that need to be left behind, let go. And also an acknowledgment that there has to be an about-face. A 180-degree turn, in order for us to continue on the path to success.

He also mentions that he’ll be dropping a brand new single within the next two weeks.

Click here to read the full AJC interview

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    • Valdez


      GOOGLE THIS!: “I Sold My Soul For Rock n Roll”

      This shit is CRAZY!!!!

      It shows how most of our favorite, most popular artists (DMX, Method Man, Easy E, ALL the rock n roll bands, The Beatles, Eminem, Christina Aguilera, The Backstreet Boys) just to name a few. Anyway, it shows how the vast majority of the super successful musicians ACTUALLY made pacts with Satan to reach the status and success that they have.

      There are quotes and even interviews where these artists actually ADMIT to this!!!

      This 4 part documentary also shows that rock n roll was created by a BLACK MAN in the 1950′s (I forget his name).

      This documentary makes u look at these musicians in a totally different light, which I think we should do.

      GOOGLE: I Sold My Soul for Rock n Roll

      • the brown

        Yo, you need to catch up with the time bra. What you think you invented the wheel or something? What are you like 16 or something?

  • daryl nelson

    FIRST..i think
    T.I is tha shit

  • keith

    keep your head up TIP

  • jollyrench

    What a revelation? Is he sure it wasn’t the white man’s fault?


      Co-sign… These rappers are jokes now a days…”WWF”, the crazy thing is the youth really think what they be rapping about is REAL… CLOWNS

  • EReal

    The only thing I wanna hear from F.I. is who he fuckin rolled on. Rat ass.




      • Krime

        Both of yall niggaz saty on dat gay shit.. Get off my nigga dick!!

        Cuz u still havent told us, “WHO DID HE SNITCH ON??”

        Dont give me that “absence of evidence” shit either! LOL hoe ass niggaz

  • jonathan

    understand this! why im definitly doing whatever i got to to destroy you niggas! your man puff and jayz did all they could for a whole 6 monthes before the rest of the world was watching me to go save these fucking hoes! karla and hope! you understand! i was sitting minding my business trying to figure out why niggas is trying to kill me over these bitches! these two faggots who are proffiting the most off this fiasco were doing all they could to make me go deal with all of this bullshit! the people who are now running and stealing all this money! i i didnt have nothing to do what was going on! i been on my own! just makeing beats not knowing what was good! i accept the authorities help in this matter! for i know i have no reason to be worried! goodluck and take care! for real for real! and have the time of your life! for real for real! so stupid! and i knew it for real for real! this nigga kyse kept telling me stop listening to them niggas! they are evil! they will get you in some bullshit! over some hoes! and i knew it! this money! will always be mine! it would have found its way to me eventually! cause you all would have got caught up regardless! cause thats who the fuck you are! fuck rap music fuck these rappers! your worse than everybody else doing all this nonsense over crumbs! goodluck and take care! for real for real! and have the time of your life! i will do whatever it takes in helping the authorities! arest niggas! especially jayz and puffy! for rela for real!

    • MEZ


  • Joey Crack

    keep ya head up tip

  • HU

    If he is a federal informant, good for T.I. He is putting criminals where they belong and doing his part to improve society as a whole and the deeply embedded problems within the african-american community. It’s time for decent blacks to stand up against the crime that destroys their neighborhoods and poisons the mind of their children.

  • romil

    good 2 see somebody trying to talk sense in these young knuckle heads. Go T.I.
    voted best beats for 07 on soundlcick!!!!

  • ddubbzz


  • Loony-T

    long live the king

  • DopeMG

    wtf is this dude jonathin allways talkin about he alwayz come on here saying some shit that aint relivent to the topic your a fuckin weirdo boy go kill your self but t.i. snitched on somebody who know who but its good that he is going to turn his life around cant be mad at that do your thing tip

  • killINTHEM


  • stoneyisland

    It T.I can man up admit his mistaks then I applaud the brother. Real men accept their fate they do go blaming other brothers and record labels for not succeeding. I’m proud the brother Manned up. Shit we need more real men in our communities, not sorry ass muthafuckas blaming everyone and everything for their plight. Turn off that XBOX and go get a life or better yet a job muthafuckas.

  • The_Truth

    It’s a overwhelming verdict amongst hip-hop fans that TI’s a snitch. . .it will be interesting what happens when he does concerts or public appearances.

    Every hip-hop website is buzzing SNITCH when it comes to TI.

  • Gman

    hes not a snitch you guys r just some haters livin in utr moms basement

  • Automatik

    One of TI’s homeboys snitched on him… get it right…
    T.i. is just retarded if you have that much money and you got beef, why cop illegal guns… Why not just put $20g’s on a couple niggaz heads and finish the day off like that …

  • HU

    All idiots who subscribe to the idea of “snitch” being a bad thing are what’s wrong with today’s black community. You know someone in your neighborhood selling heroin to kids and someone who shot innocent bystanders in a drive-by yet you’re perceived as a piece of shit for turning those people in. Where did this backwards mentality come from and how do you as a person benefit?


    TI gonna be alright. These dudes got a point about the snitching though.

  • deandre surrell

    shawty lo da realest nigga from bankhead……its official shawty lo da real king….d4l stand up

  • Da Bay

    This is good. I think I’ve gained some respect for T.I.

    He ain’t playing the blame game.

    Why he gotta snitch when God obviously heard his and everybody elses prayers for things to work out for him. Sometimes people forget GOD is the TRUE judge and this should be just more proof that HE see’s all and handles us accordingly.

    T.I. didn’t get off scott free. He has a debt to pay and lost some opportunities, but the lesson he’s learned… in my opinion, you can’t put a price on it.

    He’s aiiiiight

  • giantstepp

    Hold ya head TIP. Lessoned learned, do ya time and keep it moving.

  • kmitch

    LONG LIVE THE KANG!!!!!! Nobocy is perfect, but he just needs to hold it down and stay outta the way. Think about your loved ones and success. Keep it movin’, T.I.!!!!!1

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me thanks.

  • sean_izzle

    did you all hear that!!! hes dropping his 2008 Paper Trail single within 2 weeks DAMN i can smell DJ TOOMP

  • Mike


  • Enoch


  • the brown

    Yo! I like Tip but what chu wanna bet the moment dude gets out, he’s gonna forget all about being locked up and the lesson he’s
    “learned”. He’s dope but he just another hypocrite.

    P.S. To: Jonathan
    Yo that shit was wack son!

  • MosBang Bang

    T. I.= Trusted Informant=Snitch=Cooperator

    And all of yall supporting or denying he is a snitch would cooperate too with the authorities. Cause yall and T.I. ain’t built for an illegal life style.

  • matty21

    already a legend, will not stop…keep hatin…KANG