In his first interview since he entered guilty pleas on three federal weapons charges, T.I. takes responsibility for the life changing situation he found himself in, speaks about his spirituality, and describes the 24 hour period prior to his arrest.

Q. Who is T.I. — or Clifford Harris, Jr., now?

A. It's hard to say because a lot of things are the same and a lot of things have changed. I still have a huge amount of passion for what I do. I still have a huge amount of passion for doing what I can for the community. I still have my foundation — remembering where I came from and principles that have been instilled in me. But at the same time I also have an acknowledgment of things that need to be left behind, let go. And also an acknowledgment that there has to be an about-face. A 180-degree turn, in order for us to continue on the path to success.

He also mentions that he'll be dropping a brand new single within the next two weeks.

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