MC Breed Sentenced in Child Support Case

Flint, MI rapper MC Breed will likely spend at least the next 60 days behind bars after he failed to keep up his child support payments. The “Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’” star was picked up last Wednesday, just hours before he was to take the stage ahead of Lil Wayne at the Perani Arena. Authorities picked him up on an outstanding warrant over some $220,000 in unpaid child support to three different women. According to the Flint Journal, Breed appeared before Probate Judge Jennie Barkey last Friday (April 4), who chastised him for not meeting his responsibilities. “You’ve given back $50 in three years,” she said to the rapper. “That’s the best you can do?” Barkey sentenced Breed to 60 days in jail for one case and 45 days on each of the two others. If he can raise $18,000 in cash, he can secure his release, but according to his manager Darryl Morris, that is not likely. “How’s he supposed to do anything now when he’s sitting in jail?” Morris asked.

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  • deezhul

    nice.bum ass nigga he was always terrible n e way fuck him

    • abc123

      I’m pretty sure that’s what got him into this mess…

  • gsnyebum005

    niggas dumb if u cant support ur child dont have the damn thing

  • Baby Girl

    I want this bum ass nigga to get it together he’s been out forever and he doesnt have 18 G? I used to lightweight respect the nigga.

  • deezhul

    oh yeah 1st

  • Terrorricks

    Fucken idiot ….they are YOUR kids ass..YOUR fucken blood…keeps his ass in there.

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me if you like what you hear thanks.



  • deandre surrell

    dis nigga is a nobody…him and paperboy aint dropd a album since 92…..yall nigga need to applause a real nigga dat been down and dirty n da game pushn yello.

    i was smokn weed wit pac da other night and he told me snoop and dre scandalis for settn him up….he told me he was beefn wit so many nigga that 90% percent of hip-hop playd arole in it…..da nigga is alive in a secret me….

  • mrddp3

    I guess it wasnt no future in his frontin….

  • Craig

    Damn near a quarter of a million dollars in CS owed? My my my… I used to love this nigga Breed when I was like 12 and 13 too. Better hit the studio and crank out a hit real quick my nigga! Shouldn’t be too hard either, since most of the shit in heavy rotation is straight filth anyway. I guess his prob would be affording the actual studio time… Good luck E Double!

  • Arizona Attorney General

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