Queens duo Capone and Noreaga have inked a new recording deal with San Francisco based independent label SMC Recordings. With this new agreement, CNN joins a growing roster of established artists that will be releasing new projects through SMC during 2008. Last November, Atlanta based MC Killer Mike entered into a partnership with SMC for his Grind Time Official imprint, and Pastor Troy is expected to release the follow up to his previous SMC release, Tool Musiq, at the end of the summer. Capone and N.O.R.E will drop their long awaited third album, tentatively titled Reporting The War, this July. All releases will be distributed through Fontana/Universal. “We have the best of both worlds–the flexibility and connection to the streets of an independent label and the ability to reach the masses that major label distribution affords,” SMC co-founder Ralph Tashjian said in a statement.