Bill Cosby to Drop Hip-Hop Album Next Month

Comedian and activist Bill Cosby, a longtime critic of Hip-Hop music, has decided to fight fire with fire. The legendary entertainment industry veteran has officially announced that he will be releasing a Hip-Hop album entitled Cosby Narratives Vol. 1: State of Emergency. According to, the project will not feature raps by the 71 year-old Cosby, but will integrate positive messages drawn from his previous books, stories and song lyrics. The album is intended as a companion to Cosby’s 2007 book with Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, Come on People: On the Path From Victims to Victors. In the book, the pair examine the state of Black America, and offer solutions for overcoming lack of education, the lure of crime and the epidemic of broken homes. Cosby has been vocal about what he perceives as Hip-Hop’s negative content and the influence it has on young Blacks in America. Assisting Cosby on State of Emergency will be groundbreaking Ultramagnetic MCs producer Ced-Gee, who is best known for shaping that group’s unique sound and helming KRS-One’s 1987 album Criminal Minded. The producer will work with Bill “Spaceman” Patterson to guide the project. MCs SupaNova Slom, Jace the Great and Brother Hahz have been confirmed as contributors.

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  • A.D.

    first bitches

    • DevilintheFlesh

      XXLMAG.COM editor please read this….Your site has fell the fuck off….every since the yella nigga left I have been very disappointed with the mag and this site. It’s wack as fuck. Go to…I dont work for them or anything but the posts are up to date and pretty much just copies all the shit they post anyways. Word to the wise fix this shit. The site is suffering.

      • majornasty

        I completly agree with the 1st post, I’ve been a dedicated reader for years and i check the website daily cuz I like to be informed. Minutes before I read the Cosby post I was complaining to my girl about how you guys in the past would have never went 4 days without a single news post, what the fuck? The bangers aren’t bangin either. I’m not a Gunit fan but This is50 is killin ya! The mag is also slippin, the editorials have completly lost the passion. The transition period is over, no more excuses!

      • alicia

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  • Corey




  • damion

    Bill @#$$ing Cosby! Slanging Jell-O since day UnO.



      HAHAHAHAHAHA… Now that is funny…

      Rick Ross WHO??? Bill Cosby’s the gotdamn boss bitches…


      To the fuggin’ QUEs

      • EReal

        That Pudding Pop flow.

    • Pudding Popa


      • Flymasta

        y’all heard his collabo with cam’ron of the chain “be like bill cosby pourin in the pudding”

  • Vanessa Huxtable

    “Dad! What the fuck you’re doing!?”

  • Mee

    Not sure what the “musical” content will be, but I totally respect anything the man says, where he stands and his opinions. He ruffled a lot of feathers when he said what he said about the state of black America, the broken english, sagging pants and off the wall names we give our kids. But the truth is… he was just staing the facts. We’re lost, drowning in welcomed and embraced ignorance and we’re completely cool with it. We value worthless crap like cars, jewelry, crazy expensive clothes and drinks and we idoloze the fools who promote this frivilous lifestyle that many of us will never obtain!!! Preach on Bill! Cats talk a lot about “keeping it real” but when they’re force fed the actual real, they run to the john to purge ’cause their systems just can’t take it!


      cant say totally agree with everything he said but he has made valid points concerning our/black community. I do disagree with the statements about how we name our kids. Name shouldn’t have anything to do with success! But we have to take our HOODS BACK! Stop this no snitching foolishness and respect authority. Take responsiblity for educating our kids. Raising our kids and stop letting Playstation, M.T.V., 106 and Park, Tyler Perry, Oprah, and whoever else who in influencing them! POLICE ARE A NECESSARY EVIL PEOPLE without LAW and ORDER you have chaos! That is what our neighborhoods are turnign into mass chaos.

  • droopey

    da ip-opidy bop til ya dont stop!

  • Omar

    I Used to Love H.I.M.

  • iTzSTiLLHalFtime

    i’ll believe you when it comes

  • Rockcity

    Whatever, here we go another bullshit gimic to put his own race down while putting money in his own pocket, he is no better than the rappers who degrade women and themselves.

  • Ohms

    …What the fuck? Fossil music? Like I’m not hatin’ but this is just some awkward shit…

  • G dog

    Late April fools joke WAAAY late

  • Dr Flavorian

    Ced G? Is that man still smoking stems? LOL Im kidding thats a legendary beatmaker right there and I imagine the check must have been right. I guess rapping wasnt as easy as Bill Cosby thought.

  • cold war kid

    how do you respectfully tell a legend who has done so much for eliminating stereotypes and uplifting his people to politely kill himself?

    • Shone Jones

      Tell him politely that he played himself out of pocket.

  • niggafrommemphis

    Only a damn fool would say somethin negative on cosby talkin to us like a man who does care about our future.Any one with a problem on cosby got bigger problems,believe that.


    GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CORNY AZZ DUDE!!!!!!

  • Shady

    what the fuck

  • WAP

    I’m glad yellow nigga is gone i’m sick of seeing him suck interscope and fifty cock

    • Dickrider Hater

      Yeah, more cock for you huh? Faggot nigga.


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  • B

    maybe he will get lil wayne on a track ..hahaa

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me if you like what you hear thanks.

  • jordan and joshua

    do waht you do! cosby daT SHiT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Mee

    No to mention all the young black folks who have gone to college on this man’s tab! Like I said… when you keep it real folks just can’t swallow it. He didn’t put his own people down, he just held up the mirror and described the image that despite how obvious, was missed by those of us in denial! Don’t hate the mirror, change the image that’s reflected!!

  • britishb

    It is gonna sell more than lupe and 50

    I got to hear this He is gonna go platinum

    Ill Doctrine should bet his blog spot that it don’t as i know he gone slaughter the shit out of it if its a brick i cant wait…

    Great signing for black wall street

  • moresickaMC

    black ppl cant handle the truth..ignorance is bliss

  • eatadick

    bill cosby can eat a dick..he’s never had anything positive to say about hip hop…its a difference between gangsta rap and hip hop…many positive things have come from hip hop but he wont speak on that…fuck bill pudding pop cosby

  • datguyyy
  • Rockcity

    Who’s truth? Cause it’s not my truth! I get that he paid some college tuitions but I know alot of people that have, that doesn’t mean he get’s to put himself in a postion where he can judge anyone. Believe me i’ll be the first to stand up and admit this race has alot of issues but I dont know a race that doesn’t. There’s nothing wrong with the image in my mirror. And with the knowledge I obtain from reading, school or whatever, I spread it and I don’t charge a fee for it either.

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  • tnt

    what the hell

  • The_Truth

    People forget that his son was murdered in ’92. . .that will give you a completely different view on music and the state of our community.
    Think before you speak.

  • WhatThe…

    HAHAHAHA. Mee said “ruffled a lot of feathers.” Lol, who the fuck says that, must be an elderly gentleman. haha.

  • Beeyo

    “Cause it’s not my truth! I get that he paid some college tuitions but I know alot of people that have, that doesn’t mean he get’s to put himself in a postion where he can judge anyone.”

  • Beeyo

    “Cause it’s not my truth! I get that he paid some college tuitions but I know alot of people that have, that doesn’t mean he get’s to put himself in a postion where he can judge anyone.”
    I would tell you to shut the fuck up, but i wouldn’t want to be judging your opinion. SOOO, i will say that, Cosby ain’t really in tune with whats going on in tha hood right NOW, but he’s been a black man for a long time, and i haven’t seen him sambo yet. He prolly just feels that this album is the best way to reach an audience that is going to be really closeminded to him saying anything about hip hop thats negative. Man, ol dude tryin his hardest,give him some godamn credit. “People forget that his son was murdered in ‘92.” Yeah, by some hood niggas tryin to get some money out of him. I’m sure this has weighed on his mind a bit.

  • Patrice Motepe

    at least bill is addressing some of the issues.if you dislike the shit that he saying. step up to the plate. and change your community for the better.

  • stoneyisland

    Dr. Cosby is articulate and well read so the lyrics have to banging:) I am coping his shit because it cant be worse then 90% of the shit out now. and it will kick a positive message besides cars, hoes and clothes.

  • dexter uber

    yo this shiznak is what i’ve been waitin for because of the current state of hip hop.

  • Maddolies

    Bill Cosby > Soulja Boy

  • Butch


  • Vicki

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  • apostle

    Fuck all ya’ll uncle tom ass niggaz who support this coon.. Fuck bill cosby.. He works for the white people you cowards… He’s a fuckin sambo.. FUCK YA”LL HOUSE NIGGAZ..




    hold up son, think before you speak! Go meditate on what he said before you judge him. It was a lot of truth in what Dr. Cosby was speaking. Should it have been said in a room full of Caucasian American’s is debatable! I think it was a good message for the most part but wrong place wrong time type deal. But less not confuse Dr. Cosby with Clarence Thomas who has singled handedly set black people back 25 years with his legal decisions!

  • Rodjilius

    dam da old man tryin to do a hiphop album dats just plain crazy o well tho it might actually be pretty decent

  • Mike Belgrove

    Bill Cosby dropping a hip hop album? I love it. However I’m very disapointed in hearing that Bill actually won’t rap on the album himself and is instead enlisting no name emcees. One of my fellow bloggers over on Highbrid Nation reported on Bill’s album and I decided to make a plea in the comments section to Bill to let me ghost write for him and I even wrote some rhymes for Bill. Funny stuff, check it out when you get a chance (Link)

    But anyway, I ain’t mad at Bill, he comes across as an angry old man but a lot of what he says is wrong in the inner city is very on point.

  • http://xxl dexter uber

    Just get off his back…..



  • Escobar9300

    Man I say let cosby say what hes got to say, the truth is real as fuck. Theres alot of ignorance and foolish shit in hip hop that some of these motherfuckers should be embarassed about, So I’m proud of cosby for sayin some real shit. Fuck these ignorant candy ringtone ass rappers. So pop, lock and drop your bitch ass back home if you cant handle some real shit.

  • Enoch


    STFU you coon.. Bill cosby is a hypocrite… He has a concubine in every state, and he wants ta sit hear and speak against rap and shit, wack.. Clarence thomas is a snake house nigga just like cosby… they all work for the powers that be..


  • P


  • iliveonce

    Bill Cosby is trying to help the black community>>> so support him>> we need to stop looking for a perfect activist>>> i”ve never ever met a perfect person>> but i respect what he is trying to accomplish>> alot of the punks,cowards, self haters (so they hate others), fake ass thugs, wiggers, and racist crakers who post hateful comments>>can continue to do so but if they ever say some shit in personm physically>>>i”m hurt them>>Men like bill cosby>.real men>> ment who have vaginas don’t.. so fuck haters!!

  • P

    Bill Cosby is trying to do right but hes 50 years late, theres no relation between him and todays generation, maybe he should put his preaching on a box of bullets, that way he may have a better chance of reaching todays youth tha only people that will cop that album of middle to upper class blacks who may not understand the inner city….i honestly cant see “us” 80′s babies taking and appreciating his message.

  • Joshua Heglin

    Great post, well crafted I have to admit.