The Game Still in Jail

Contrary to previous reports, rapper The Game is currently still behind bars. Although website previously reported that the MC had been released from the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles, his manager Jimmy Henchmen confirmed to that he is still in custody. The confusion over the Black Wall Street head’s release apparently arose from jail records that listed him as having been released late Sunday evening (March 9). While he did in fact leave the Twin Towers facility, he was moved to another facility for safety reasons. According to Henchmen, Game’s camp is still anticipating his early release due to over crowding in Los Angeles jails.

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  • haha

    damn i dont care about games shit

  • the one

    Guess he aint a snitch by ur standards…idiots

    • Real

      he’s in p.c. not a real good look by any stance ya dig

      • mrkcmo

        PC is bad why? Because you the biggest Blood, and have millions. Fuck general population. PC even for short time, I ain’t trying to make boys in jail…..

    • Krime

      Yea he’s not a snitch… he’s just a pussy.

      “he was moved to another facility for safety reasons”

      • aziz


    • d2323

      Word man..

      • the one

        So you’d risk your life just to seem “gangsta”. Fuck outta here, if my life is at risk best know I’m gonna take the safest way outta shit. Especially if you got shit going for you.

  • Mr.Wang

    oh ok

    well stay up Game………even though u aint survin dat much time but still…stay up

    • mr.Wood

      all yall some hoes game will knock all yall the fuck out

      • Mr.Wang

        bitch ni99a u a fuckin hoe

        i said fo Game ta keep his head up

        so shut da fuck up ya bitch made faggot


    Go back to the last blog….All you fools are quick to say that fool snitched. Snitched on who? Ya MAMA…

    When you call somebody a snitch for no reason; expect a bullet in your head. The goons will snatch your IP address and end up on your front porch. RAT BASTARDS.

  • Trickdd

    Hahaha TMZ is some lame ass bitches dog lol they so fake it aint even funny XXL please stop postin TMZ news just dont even situate youself with them. they need to just get a new job cause all they do is lie about some lame shit big deal even if The Game did get out early how yall gunna act like you was at court and no what the judge sayd and what The Game sayd.

  • Nick

    LMAO @ for safety reasons

  • Jibril (BWS Europe)

    I told u !!!
    But even if he’s still in jail, Jimmy Henchman gives us more precisions on his jail time…
    Visit and to stay updated on tha true tingz…

    Regards from France,
    Jibril, yo French BWS / BWS Europe promoters

  • Corey

    He’s in P.C. not a good look for anyone in jail including famous well known rappers. Like Guess Who Dummies?

  • profeezy

    these niggaz was so quick to yell snitch…yall niggas aint never did no time in Cali…ya East Coast niggaz…go to LA county and get them teeth popped out and get banged on trick’s, Game might tat his face up…but i gaurentee dat nigga aint snitchin…

  • KRAZ1E187


  • fame

    tmz never gitz shyt right besides aint they tha 1′s who thought cam’ron was dead
    and the game is the 1 in jail there was noone for him to snitch on u fukin idiots game big upz frm chi city

  • TOMMYgun

    Peeps should of known already not to trust what tmz says or post….Funny too, on how tricks where calling GAME a snitch and now….they aint saying shit!!! Trust me….GAME aint like tha rat on the eastcoast..

  • weed card

    best rapper alive

  • Beav

    yo, profeezy, honestly, where da FUCK did u get east and west outta this? da niggas doin time, dats all. damn niggas is quik to make shit bigger then it really is

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  • Noles Corleone

    Man, people are so dumb on these comment boards…
    Dude’s an International Superstar,Imagine how much of an up roar it was cause.. having him in jail, damn… not like the dudes in there got much to do.. I’m sure it was for the safety of others,more than safety for him.. He’s a street dude.. He’d have some backing in there if need be…
    Damn People, use your head..

  • neto

    Game aint no bitch unlike a certain piece of laundry change”50″………..



  • 850 to the 404

    does everyone on here agree with me that it seems like all the negative comments about rappers (i.e. wayne game t.i. jeezy), are rom negative ass up north people mad b/c that shit aint hot no more. nah mean son

  • Cali”co”
  • Escobar P

    Man, bump Game…he sucks, all he does he drop a few names…call Eazy-E, Dre, or whatever West Coast pioneer he could think of….this dude is gimmick!

    • the one

      And Escobar isn’t a gimmick…

  • kenhter

    what’s up

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    y’all niggas is stupid what you mean Game snitchin’,the nigga never snitched on shit.he moved coz he an international superstar, you g-unit dick-rydin-faggots.Black Wall Street,mothafucka!

  • http://wtf S on My Chest

    This don’t make you gangsta dawg. You still a bitch.

  • dark vanilla

    Yeah, you would know S on My Chest what a bitch is since you are one. Its very funny how know Game is still in jail, the G-Unit fans disappear cuz they got punked.

  • Cali Is Active

    No one in the right mind would do something to Game in county, he has people on all sides from Surenos, Crips , DaMus, Asians .. but Game did run with the BWS from JT the Bigga Figga

  • Carolina_bred

    Ain’t like Game got a choice in where he get housed: the niggas gettin money in there and will continue when he get out. . . Sooooo

  • khayan from the bx

    That nigga don’t have no safety problems. With the kind of money he got niggas in there will do what ever to hold him down. Most niggas would just do it just in hopes of getting put on when they get out.

  • Rednose pit bull

    hell naw his money wont mean shit in jail! anyone thats famous will have saftey problems period,niggas will eat his ass alive just to be able to tell everyone on the streets they beat games i beleive he got safty issues,esspecially the way he runs his big mouth…But most of the time when they say safty issues,that means snitch that they dont want to get hurt before he testifys!! but trust me,he can have all the money in the world,they wont make u safe up in the joint..any nigga out there thats been locked up knows the demo

  • Jack

    i don’t care how much time he does he’s still not gangsta fake blood fake fake fake fraud he fooled all of you look into see him on the game show where his girl had a change of heart no tats on his face then see him in college before he dropped out to sign with after math and g-unit before he got 22 tats in a week to look tougher bitch is the only way to describe him people please understand rapper fraud.

  • BILL

    like you pussy could stay in prison, and he was probly moved for safty reason cuz the warrden was worried fucking faggit, bet all you hates listen to souljaboy no wonder your so gay

  • Bonafide launching in April

    Yall niggaz kill me with this fake gangsta shit. If you dont know the man personally shut the fuck up. Bottom line Game is the truth on and of the mic. Niggas mad G-Unit was novelty. How many records did Banks and Bucks last album sell? Did any of them niggas besides 50 make the Forbes list? Terror Squad got at Yayo and he bitched up. Buck got his chain stolen and 50 punked him and he still rode curtis dick. Game on the other hand knocked niggas out when it was time to ride and Doctor Advocate sold 2 mill without 50 or Dre and he’s top 3 out of the hot MC’s and made the Forbes list so miss me with the bullshit.


    The Game is raw..i didn’t even know he was in Jail hahaha. anyways Check Out My Beats lol

  • gully

    XXL why dont you post my comments u rat bastards.

  • tina

    damn i dont care about games shit

  • WI

    game got relocated cause of safety reasons them crip niggas was bout to kill him and the bloods dont even respect him so he is like food what a “gangsta” he is

  • http://wtf S on my Chest

    No Mr Dark Vanilla Ice I know what a bitch is thanks to your momma. What’s dark vanilla stand for? Is it some black on the outside white on the inside shit or white on the outside wannabe black on the inside shit? Bitch get off Games nuts. I ain’t no stan, but the truths the truth, this boys a dick! Even his own brother thinks so and the nigga knows him better than you or I.

  • kevin

    fuck the game damn