The Game Apologizes for Confusion over Jail Release

The Game issued a statement on Thursday (March 13) apologizing for all of the confusion over his release from the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles earlier this week. It all started on Monday when website announced that the rapper had been released after serving only eight days of a possible 60 day sentence on a weapons conviction. But later on that afternoon, his manager Jimmy Rosemond issued a statement stating that Game had not in fact been released and was simply being transferred to another jail. When MTV News attempted to get to the bottom of the discrepancy, both Game’s attorney and officials at Twin Towers insisted that he was free.

The Game’s statement read as follows:

“I apologize for the conflicting news on my release, but due to the sensitive negotiations on this matter I felt it appropriate not to give an exact date on my release. I am truly grateful to my attorney, family and management for doing a great job in this respect. Upon my release I went directly to the studio with producers Cool & Dre and recorded several records including my street record ‘Big Dreams.’ Thank you to all my fans as well for the support.”

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  • abdulli

    he’s black, he should stay in jail. black on black crime, i love it! musics is ok though,

    • abdulli is a bitch

      abdulli u racist ass bitch…go suck a dick

    • http://nahright joe dirty

      Yes He is a nigger and should be in jail for life.

  • dark vanilla

    First Bitches! Looks like Game beat the case.

  • B

    I can see why he wanted that confusion around his release… a lot of people end up getting shot or beat up outside of the Twin Towers… Isn’t it funny how there was more uproar over Paris getting released early, but this guy who claims to be a thug is released after serving less time and nobody blinks… hmmm

    • EReal

      LMAO @ Paris Hilton serving more time than The Game

      Paris Hilton is more gangsta than Jayceon Taylor, bahahahhaha!

  • maxamill

    it aint that serious bra

    • damn

      um its Bruh! Bra is an undergarment for women dipshit

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  • krazie-al

    check out the game act a gangster

  • weed card

    damn…cant fukin wait

  • Abdulis friend

    i agree with the guy below!

  • http://xxlmag Rick Taylor

    No Homo but I would ride Game’s dick all night. I like niggas that are hella tatted up. I would let him give me head and cum on the star on his face. I ain’t gay though

  • F**kDaGame

    damn he did eight days out of 60 and he calls himself a gangsta. what da hell if you was a real nigga you would have did the whole 60 or at least 30 for being a trustee. He aint real. he might be snitchin to me if he did only 8 days GANGSTER( fuck da game )

    • calimovement

      Damn…all them movies got you all fucked up….you a fuckin idiot. What the fuck are you talkin about??? faggot.

    • $H@KIM @LL@H

      Nigga u are a dumbass nigga!!! if he wuz real u would do the whole 60 dayz what kinda shit is that. Who wants to stay in jail??? and who the fuck is he gonna snitch on? he just pulled a gun on somebody so who would he snitch on? If u knew anything u would know that Cali jails are overcrowded and the sentence they give u in court u hardly ever serve the full senetnce and end up gettin out early. U not hard cuz u got outta jail early? get the fuck outta here who wanna be in jail anyway. Ur a fuckin clown, stop bein a lil internet gangsta!

    • ,ngkd

      ur a fuckin idiot read the story he didnt get released he got transfeered to a differnt jail you fuking retard

  • niggafrommemphis

    Nigga ain’t worth dissin.

    • Jay Monee

      damn right He aint worth dissin cause you know he’ll diss you back BBBBBIIIIIIITTTTTCCCCHHH!!!!!!

  • whats really good?

    so who’s dick did he have to suck to get out this early?(just kidding,or maybe not)seriously tho how come everyone else have to do the time but butterfly boy doesn’t?

  • BINO!1

    damn cant wait for the big homis game albums droopes hasent anybody noticed that vigana fifty aint dissin game and yet hes still on fat joes crak just proves that the vigana unit is scared of the big homie!!!!

    • og bobby j

      sad sight….hooked on phonics my dude….google them. You need it.

      • ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

        that was funny bobby j

    • keaton

      scared of homie?haaaaaaaaaaaaaa you must be joking.i dont think even a little white girl with ponytails would be scared of game.

      game will always be 50′s slave thats why he doesn’t really diss him anymore.the more game sells the more 50 gets paid and we all know thats the most important thing.

  • Ay bay

    Street Dreams is a hot hot hot record, i heard it. look out for game, lax is gonna be a cold record. documentary was a classic and docs advocate was nice also.

    abdulli, suck a nigga dick. you racist fag

  • PMoor/StreetKnowledge

    The Game gains early release? Only 8 days? Impressive. I wonder what the sensitive nature of the “negotiations” were. He need to send his lawyers to some of these political prisoners who could really use those legal shenanigans..for real. That was lighter than what we call a “Skid Bid.”

  • Jay Monee

    seems to me all y’all who the game are a bunch of hating ass bitches who dont know hip hop. First of all, he did eight days in jail so the fuck what! That makes you man to more time than that? Here’s the man who the reason g-unit is not what it use to be. Olivia? Gone. M.O.P.? Gone Spider Loc? I wish he was gone cause that bitch can’t rhyme worth a shit. This man proved he doesnt need a dude like 50 to make a hit record. Doctor’s Advocate sold 3 million copies worldwide. 2 million less than the first but it sold big. The best thing that ever came out of G-Unit. He sold more than any other member in that crew. So all you fools that want to hate the game, in the words of the underground legend Pimp C “Y’all can eat 10,000 we-we’s and die”

    Free Shyne Bitch

  • Ali

    money makes tha world go round 4 real man lol…..i bet his 1st day in he walked up to tha warden’s office, put a 100 grand on tha table & told em “a week”……end of story lol

    • Jay Monee

      Sure, If u was rich like the game and in the same situation u would the same of what ur assuming. Don’t talk shit of stuff you know you would do too.

  • Al Jay

    Who gives a shit when you get out. Publicity is a necessary part of this game, so I feel your strategy. Other than that, this is nothing. You got out, big deal. Here’s a news flash nigga, no one cares.

  • http://yahoo loco

    Who gives a fuc about this hook-busta ass nigga!!!

  • yeah yeah you know it

    the realest out of the unit. but this sounds shady. another star gets out of time

  • Shane

    i agree wit Jay Monee…
    also Ali thats prob wat happen lol
    cant wait 4 game’s new shit!

    Free Shyne

  • Richard
  • nomad

    damn he did eight days out of 60 and he calls himself a gangsta. what da hell if you was a real nigga you would have did the whole 60 or at least 30 for being a trustee. He aint real. he might be snitchin to me if he did only 8 days GANGSTER( fuck da game )

    that’s the dumbest sh@# I’ve ever heard just because you do more time in jail doesn’t make you gangster

  • dozer000

    game is a bitcvh sum1 probly gonna woop him if he didnt bendover all tatted up like a ghetto barbie

  • makaveli

    prison ain’t the place for “straight” dudes with butterfly tats… no wonder he had to snitch and get out early

    • $H@KIM @LL@H

      Who is he gonna snitch on??? he pulled a gun on somebody in a school zone! y’all niggaz kill me alwayz tryna look 4 somebody 2 snitch on somebody when nobody is snitchin. U don’t even kno what the real definition of snitchin is do u?

  • bws4lyfe

    he snitchd i kno dude he snitched on homies

  • Stu

    I don’t know why he got out early, and tried to hide it. Sounds dodgy to me.

  • Cali”co”
  • Shacky G of Gullee Boy

    we got featured on B96 fm”s site out of Chicago, so show us some luv and give us some spins and give us a comment or sumthin

  • GMAN

    F**kDaGame says:

    damn he did eight days out of 60 and he calls himself a gangsta. what da hell if you was a real nigga you would have did the whole 60 or at least 30 for being a trustee. He aint real. he might be snitchin to me if he did only 8 days GANGSTER( fuck da game )

    u stupid fuck. who is he snitchin on hes had a gun near a school.u act like hes in a drug ring. if he was a reall nigga , aint noone want to be in jail u stupid fuck we all are now stupid since u said that u jew

  • ockonlock

    game get money my nigga if my paper was that long id pay to get the fuck out the joint too

  • zacreole

    Oh, good. Finally, I hear that Game is out & with Cool & Dre (no Doctor). Thank Goodness. Now I can finally sleep at night again.

  • the one

    Jail time don’t make you a gangsta =| It just means you’ve done something against a certain law or have been accused of it…idiots

  • Ne Where Gang

    u dumb ass fucks…what u want the man to stay in JAIL? wtf would u stay in jail if they said U RELEASED? BIG UPS TO GAME



  • Jonny Highsocks

    Man yall little niggas talking about Game only did 8 days and he should have done his time are dumb ass fucc and don’t know shit about no street shit. If the jail tell u go ahead and leave u ain’t about to say “fucc dat I’m staying in this stank sum a bitch.” Yall niggas get the dicc out ya mouth and get focused.

    “Don’t ever ask me about my buisness.”
    - The Godfather -

  • moh.p

    gotta hear games new album…whens it comin out…its gonna be one of the hardest rappin out their his voice and flow is a perfect example of westcoast gangster rap

  • abdulli’s Big Homie

    Yeah i agree with my man, Put him back in jail.

  • 6 Figure Ni99a..

    I have to agree with abdulli, ma ni99a is on point. Gayme should stay in jail.

  • Maddolies

    Ya’ll sum stupid muthafukaz!
    So What the game gt released big deal.
    Dis “Hez Not a real gangsta coz he didnt serve 60 dayz” Bs is Ignorant as fuck

  • Rednose pit bull

    if the judge gives u 60 days and ur out in 8 then u snitched period..ive been locked up,i know how this works trust me..esspecially the fact that once the news found out game got out way early,games manager tried to cover it up and say he didnt get ouT?? yeah right he snitched like the butterfly wearing bitch he is..and to everyone sticking up for him,ur just a bunch of dick gripping bitchs..get off all these rappers nuts damn lames

  • RotterdamSoldier

    It’s a damn shame that all his ppl with the ”Free Game” t-shirts after 8 days can throw them in the garbage can