Last night (March 27) Hot 97 News Director Miss Info published a post on her personal blog about a suspicious sounding rumor that she was hearing about former Diplomats/Byrdgang MC Max B being shot twice during a botched robbery attempt in New York City. Seemingly skeptical over various inconsistencies in the different accounts of the incident, Info summarized portions of a statement from a woman named Joli Adore, who claimed to be Max’s publicist:

Joli Adore says her client, Max, was shot twice last night. Once in the arm, once in the side. And that he fled the scene, sought medical attention but then opted to go home, rather than stay in a hospital. She emphasized the fact that he is currently in critical condition (which doesn’t seem safe or sterile). When I asked if the shooting was related to those earlier attack reports, Max (via Joli) said that the incident happened in Long Island, not Queens, and again denied that he was robbed. Max did want to assure his fans that he is alive and said, “look out for Domain Pain, the mixtape.”

This was shocking news for sure, but it seemed like a reasonably straightforward story. But then it started to get confusing. Early this morning, another alleged representative for Max reached out to Miss Info and denied that the rapper was shot at all! The email read in part:

“This email is renouncing earlier reports that Hip-Hop artist Max B had been attacked at a used car dealership in Queens, NY on March 27th 2008 and injured with gunshot wounds, as stated on a popular New York gossip show. Nothing of the sort has happened and all earlier reports released by ghost- writer publicist Joli Adore, who has no affiliation with Max or his management company are bogus...”

So what’s the deal? Was Max B critically wounded or not? Info says that contrary to publicist No. 2’s claims, the incident has been confirmed by third party witnesses, some of whom have even offered her photographic evidence. The truth will no doubt come to light soon, but in the meantime, a couple of publicists have some explaining to do...

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