RUMOR: Diddy to Launch Car Service for Drunk Celebs?

Gossip magazine US Weekly is reporting that Sean “Diddy” Combs intends to start a car service to shuttle drunk celebrities to and from parties. The mag claims that the mogul got the idea after teaming up with Ciroc Vodka.

“After partnering with Ciroc vodka, he wants to make sure everyone’s partying responsibly,” his rep tells Us.
One campaign goal? “Making sure nobody gets arrested!” Combs, the father of twins, says.

Click here to read the full report from US Magazine

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  • jsmith

    dis nigga be hustlin

  • Worley

    Diddy is a boss. Perhaps this may be a way to also get the hip hop police off your ass. If the driver “makes a turn without signaling” then the police have no right to hassle the passenger. Brilliant Diddy. Brilliant.

    Now we have to come up with something for when the police allegedly “smell marijuana.”



  • Cam Jones

    Damn that dude know how to hustle. Take 2 wack groups use MTV to promote for you. Skim video budget and pretty much guaranteed to go go gold or platnium while everyone else stuggles at 100K at best. Then he flips that money into the celebrity car service because we all know that Lindsey Lohan is going to fall off the wagon again before too long rehab or not. So he doubles his investment within the first few weeks. dang Diddy’s a hustler

  • MiRKED

    diddy is such a media whore…thats a stupid fu**ing idea…

    • BEZ

      its not a stupid idea…diddy is a smart hustlin motherfucker with a GREAT IDEA and your broke

    • ITS NOT A stupid idea

      its not a stupid idea, your wackass website is a stupid idea

  • BrownWonda

    theres already something like institued

    its called the POLICE

  • Lafricain

    Na, it’s not called the police. Its called a taxi

  • Tory in OKC

    Does p diddy ever listen to Jim Rome????? He’s been talking about this on his radio show for the last 7 or 8 years! This is not a fresh idea. Dial 1-800-BLA-AAH! LMFAO! War bums using crock pots as football helments. OUT!!

  • nick


  • amsterdam

    free SHYNE
    fuck diddy

    • TOPPER


  • T

    finally a black man who is doing his thing and with common sense

  • Blackout

    this mutha fucka is smart as hell ….. now i know why he so rich

  • Ali

    a hustla? a boss? man fuck him….celebrities get better safety now than “plain old regular” people? fuck them i hope tha bus crashes man…..they’re just celebs they ain’t prophets god dammit….a real hustler would supply everybody at a party that service…….ok not EVERY party but at least every party where celebs may be present

  • Hazel

    I agree with most of the people here…that’s smart. I wish i would’ve thought of that and had enough money to make it happen. He doing it for the celebrities because thats who the police are targeting these days. We regualar people aren’t on the radar like that anymore unless we do something just out right dumb. Plus he has to get broke off–and who else has the money to pay for that kind of service. Make that money Diddy.