RUMOR: Barack Obama to Appear on New Q-Tip Album?

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama will appear prominently on Q-Tip’s upcoming solo album, The Renaissance.

The rapper, formerly of the group “A Tribe Called Quest,” will debut a solo album this June that’s heavy on guest stars, including presidential hopeful Barack Obama, who speaks throughout one song. “I’ve got Norah Jones on there, but Barack is the big one. You’ll see what happens, I can’t reveal too much,” Q-Tip told Page Six Thursday at the Details magazine party at Le Royale for his album, “The Renaissance,” and a photo shoot he did for the March issue.

Filmmaker Spike Lee also reportedly makes an appearance.

Click here to read Page Six’s full report.

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  • anson44

    Yes Obama that will be a good look being that Q-tip Does not Rap about Stupid Shit VOTE OBAMA Bros Before Hoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neven

    man that album will be sick just hope Consequence will be on it

  • Hazel

    Anson44– Q-tip doesn’t rap about stupid shit but you say (type) stupid, ignorant shit.. “Bros before Hoes”–nice! and before you come back with some ass lame comment, i’m not a hoe and don’t affiliate with them but you just sound dumb as hell promoting Obama and follow it with that comment.

    -A woman who hates ignorant talk and people

    • Krime

      He was referring to the presidential race… “bros before hoes” means “Barack before Hillary”. Maybe YOU shouldnt be so ignorant. Dumb bitch

      • @Krime

        I love how finished your reply with “dumb bitch”

  • EJM205

    Not to be negative but lets get dude in office first. This aint a good look we need the white vote and u know they gone turn they nose up at Barack appearing on a rap album although we all know what kind of rapper Q Tip white folks dont. If they hold the album and dont leak the track til after November or until next year that would be straight especially if Barack is the president. I just want to see Barack Obama win the presidency man it would mean alot to AMerica and I dont want nothin to ruin it ya feel me.

  • Don’tBelieveTheHype

    “We need the white vote”, Who’s we? Don’t assume Obama speaks for us all. This is the same thinking that allows Sharpton & Jesse to speak as if we all are feeling them on whatever subject they speak on.
    We are we always the only race in this country whose self/media-appointed leaders speak for us. Does Seinfeld speak for the Jews? Stallone speak for the Italians? Who speaks for Ricans?
    You go to a black barbershop and you are liable to hear 20 different opinions on any given issue but if it’s on TV, only the “official black voice” is heard.
    I’m not sure why Obama should speak for me anymore than any other politician regardless of color. Even if race were the deciding factor(which it shouldn’t be)–shouldn’t he identify more with his white momma that raised him in Hawaii than his absentee African dad?

    • EJM205

      We= me + people who want to see a black president before they die. I undestand your opinion but yes I am voting for him because hes black. I see no big difference between the 3 candidates except one of them looks like me. And I live in the hood where dudes always say “we black we cant be shit” but if this dude pulls it off black people will have no more excuses. Which I also think is a reason alot of black people wont vote for Obama because their scared they cant blame the “Man” anymore .

      • Don’tBelieveTheHype

        EJM205-I can definintely feel what you’re saying.
        Two many of us seem to be waiting for good things to just happen-waiting on someone to save us and I feel it keeps us complacent. We either waiting on a superhero or chasing bogeymen while the power to change is in our own grasp.And we scared to say something half the time because we are worried about being called a Hater.
        I just hope people don’t think they’ve automatically won something when he IS elected just like the OJ acquital when people celebrated like some great moment just happened that was going to pull them out the ghetto and make them rich.
        You are totally right about the excuses though-I don’t want to hear somebody say we all gotta be crack dealers or ballplayers to make it anymore–not if we have a black president in office. That argument is dead.
        The question is–When brothers don’t get their reparations and their black-president hookups they looking for, how soon before they turn on Obama and call him a Tom?
        I know the sellout term is usually reserved for black conservatives, but some people out there really think that there is a magic button out there that can be pushed by the right guy(politician) that is going to raise them up without them making sacrifices.

  • Nigga….

    Yo fuck obama. Aite aite the nigga betta than that faggot Bush but still… you dumb nigga’z look at this nigga like he a God or something

    Don’t get me wrong, i though the nigga was gon’ change the world too mothafucka but what the fuck he done? Nigga our troops still in fucking iraq/afghan, shit still fucked up here in harlem (ain’t nothin changed), the economy ain’t got no better thanks to this nigga . The nigga won the peace awards. LMAO

    Just waitin for Wikileaks to reveal somethin to associate the nigga wit the natizi-fucks, ha ha ha

    Q-Tip done. Gettin obama? Jokes nigga. That fool betta get immortal technique or the dawg Crooked I

    Dumb housenigga’z ain’t know what the fucks ups